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Synopsys buys materials modeling tool firm QuantumWise
środa, 20 września 2017 17:54

EDA and IP vendor Synopsys Inc. has acquired QuantumWise, a provider of simulation tools for materials modeling in early manufacturing process development. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Synopsys said the deal would help it support chip makers, which are evaluating new materials to extend Moore's law and develop novel memories. Synopsys said the QuantumWise solution reduces time and cost by enabling earlier co-optimization of materials, processes, devices and circuits for 5nm and beyond. QuantumWise, founded in 2008, in based in Denkark.

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Toshiba flips back towards Western Digital group for chip unit sale
środa, 20 września 2017 16:00

Toshiba Corp is shifting back toward selling its prized semiconductor unit to a group backed by joint venture partner Western Digital Corp, people familiar with the deal said. Just days ago the Japanese firm said it was leaning toward a rival bid for the $18 billion business that includes a South Korean chipmaker. California-based Western Digital made key concessions to assure Toshiba it would not seek future control of the chip business, addressing antitrust concerns, said the sources, who asked not to be named as the discussions are private.

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China expected to account for over 20% of Quanta server shipments in 2018
środa, 20 września 2017 13:51

Quanta Computer is looking to expand the proportion of its server shipments to China from 15-20% currently to over 20% in 2018 via its subsidiary Quanta Cloud Technology's partnership with VMware. Quanta is currently a supplier of datacenter servers for Baidu and Alibaba and is expected to gain more orders from the two clients in 2018. QCT and VMware's partnership is aiming to acquire private cloud system orders from China's enterprises. The pair is planning to push jointly developed QxStack VMware Cloud Foundation products to China enterprises and telecom operators.

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Seoul Semiconductor files patent litigation for infringement of 12 Acrich patents
środa, 20 września 2017 11:58

Seoul Semiconductor Co. announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit, together with its affiliate, Seoul Viosys Co., against Archipelago Lighting, Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. In its complaint, Seoul asserts that Archipelago Lighting is selling various LED bulb products, including filament LED bulbs, that infringe on 12 patents covering aspects of Seoul’s long-established Acrich technology. These Acrich patents include fundamental LED technologies, such as LED driver technology for high-voltage operation, MJT, filament LED bulb structure, LED packaging, LED epitaxial growth, LED chip fabrication, etc.

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Samsung Electronics Company joins SRC
środa, 20 września 2017 10:01

Semiconductor Research Corporation announced that Samsung Electronics Company Ltd. has signed an agreement to join SRC’s research consortium. Samsung will participate in two SRC platforms - the New Science Team project and the Global Research Collaboration program. The NST project, a 5-year, $300M+ initiative commences in January 2018. NST consists of two complementary research programs: JUMP and nCORE, supporting long-term research focused on high- performance, energy-efficient microelectronics for communications, computing and storage needs.

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Globalfoundries and Soitec enter into long-term supply agreement on FD-SOI wafers
środa, 20 września 2017 07:55

Globalfoundries and Soitec announced that they have entered into a five-year agreement to ensure the volume supply of state-of-the-art fully depleted silicon-on-insulator wafers. This agreement extends the current partnership to provide a solid foundation for both companies to strengthen the FD-SOI supply chain and help ensure high-volume manufacturing. With the leadership from the two companies, FD-SOI has become the standard technology for cost-effective, low-power devices in high-volume consumer, IoT and automotive applications.

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Intel plans to double in value by 2021
wtorek, 19 września 2017 20:07

Intel’s CFO Bob Swan has a plan to double Intel’s market cap to $300 billion and double its eps from $2.21 to $4 by 2021, reports The Oregonian. Datacentre and memory are the areas which will propel this growth, according to Swan. The growth in market cap will also be driven by constant cost-cutting. The plan envisages that Intel’s datacentre business will grow 10% annually till 2021, its memory business will grow 33% annually and its IoT business will grow 13% annually. PC is expected to shrink 1% annually.

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Cisco's Executive Chairman Chambers not to seek re-election
wtorek, 19 września 2017 17:54

Cisco Systems Inc said on Monday that Executive Chairman John Chambers would not seek re-election after his term expires in December. Chambers, who lead the networking gear maker for two decades as its chief executive, became the executive chairman in July 2015. Under his leadership, Cisco’s sales surged to about $48 billion from $1.2 billion in 1995. Cisco’s CEO Chuck Robbins will become the chairman and Chambers, 68, will be given the honorary title of Chairman Emeritus at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in December.

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Pi can charge multiple iPhones wirelessly from a short distance
wtorek, 19 września 2017 15:55

For the most part, wireless charging standards like Qi are a bit of a misnomer - they aren’t “wireless” in the sense that they require a plugged-in charger. But with Pi, a new charging technology developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates, there’s no need to plop your phone on a pad. Here’s how it works: Pi comes in the form of a cone-shaped base station and sits in an area where you’d typically charge your phone, like a kitchen counter or a bedside tablet. Charging your iPhone or Android phone is as simple as plugging it into a Pi-compatible charging case and placing it within a foot of the Pi, which can charge multiple devices at once.

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MediaTek to unveil 5G prototype chip by end-2017
wtorek, 19 września 2017 13:56

MediaTek is expected to complete development of its 5G prototype chip by the end of 2017, and is gearing up for trials of its 5G solutions in 2018. MediaTek's 5G SoC solutions will be available in time when telecom carriers launch their 5G mobile communication services, noted TL Lee, GM of the company's wireless communication department, in a recent interview with Digitimes. "MediaTek is aggressively participating in related activities of 3GPP, seeking to make contributions to the development of 5G network products and specifications and secure a presence in the commercialization of 5G mobile communication services."

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