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Intel accuses Qualcomm of trying to kill mobile chip competition
poniedziałek, 24 lipca 2017 11:52

Intel has jumped into the fray surrounding the Apple-Qualcomm patent spat by accusing the world's biggest maker of mobile phone chips of trying to use the courts to snuff out competition. The chip giant made the allegation in a public statement to US International Trade Commission. The commission had requested the statement as part of its investigation into Qualcomm's accusation that Apple's iPhones of infringe six of Qualcomm's mobile patents. Specifically, Intel said, the case is about quashing competition from Intel, which described itself as "Qualcomm's only remaining competitor" in the market for chips for cellular phones.

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Korea chipmakers looking to expand foundry biz
poniedziałek, 24 lipca 2017 10:00

Samsung Electronics, Dongbu HiTek and SK Hynix have stepped up their foundry business expansions, which will as a group pose a threat to the existing major dedicated foundry houses. Samsung and SK Hynix have spun off their foundry operations to create independent business units, in a move to expand their foundry businesses. Meanwhile, specialty IC foundry Dongbu HiTek, currently ranked 9th worldwide, continues to strive for orders from US- and Japan-based fabless and IDM companies.

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TrendForce reports ‘micro LED-like’ products will be available in 2018
poniedziałek, 24 lipca 2017 07:50

Research by LEDinside reveals that many companies across industries worldwide have entered the Micro LED market and are in a race to develop methods for the mass transfer process. Currently, entrants in the Micro LED market are working towards the mass transfer of LEDs sized around 150 microns. LEDinside anticipates that displays and projection modules featuring 150-micron LEDs will be available on the market as early as 2018.

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EUV propels ASML to 25% growth
niedziela, 23 lipca 2017 19:58

With an order back-log of 27 EUV machines valued at $2.8 billion, ASML is looking at a 25% jump in sales this year. “This is driven by sales to memory customers, expected to grow about 50% from last year especially driven by DRAM, and sales to logic customers that are expected to grow about 15%,” says ASML CEO Peter Wennink. "Q2 sales were €2.10 billion with a gross margin of 45%. ASML expects Q3 2017 sales of around €2.2 billion and a gross margin of around 43%."

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Microsoft profit beats expectations on strong cloud demand
niedziela, 23 lipca 2017 16:00

Microsoft reported strong fourth-quarter earnings on the back of its fast-growing cloud computing business, stoking optimism that the once-stagnant company has found a new groove. The results were the clearest sign yet that the strategy put in place by Chief Executive Satya Nadella when he assumed the top job in 2014 is paying off. He has shifted the company's focus away from a dying personal computer software business and reinventing it as a provider of cloud computing and subscription-based software.

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Global telecom players making cautious 5G deployments
niedziela, 23 lipca 2017 11:51

With the first set of 5G mobile communications standards slated to be released by 3GPP by the end of 2017, global telecom players are gearing up for deployments, but in a cautious manner, according to industry sources. The sources said that most telecom firms are quite conservative about building new independent 5G networks, and prefer to gradually upgrade their existing 4G LTE networks to secure stable development.

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Lenovo's CEO vows to hit online sales target or quit
niedziela, 23 lipca 2017 08:08

Lenovo Group Ltd.’s Yang Yuanqing asked for patience as he tries to get China’s top PC maker growing once more, but for the first time publicly vowed to step down as chairman and chief executive if he doesn’t deliver on a critical sales goal. Yang is now betting big on artificial intelligence. He wants to plough $1 billion over the next three to four years into research, joining a race with much larger rivals Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. to crank out the next generation of intelligent, user-aware devices.

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Huawei reckons it can strong ARM its way into AI world with new chips
sobota, 22 lipca 2017 20:04

Chinese systems colossus Huawei claims it is developing chips optimized for artificial-intelligence tasks. The silicon will combine an application CPU, a graphics processing unit, and a hardware engine for accelerating machine-learning algorithms, it's reported. Technical details are scant, unfortunately. The components will be unveiled later this year, we're told. Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu hopes the technology will help the electronics giant compete against Google and Apple in the realm of AI processor development.

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Tech group sides with Apple in Qualcomm's iPhone ban dispute
sobota, 22 lipca 2017 16:01

A group representing major technology companies has aligned itself against Qualcomm Inc in its legal dispute with Apple Inc by calling on regulators to reject Qualcomm's bid to ban the import of iPhones. A lobbying group filed comments with the U.S. International Trade Commission. They argued that barring Apple from importing foreign-assembled iPhones that use Intel Corp chips - as Qualcomm has requested - would cause "significant shocks to supply" for phones and would hurt consumers.

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Wearable players seeking measures as sales remain weak
sobota, 22 lipca 2017 12:00

Wearable players originally had high expectations about emerging IT applications, but several have started changing their strategies as most are seeing weak sales from the product line. Wearable brand vendor Jawbone has recently begun a liquidation process as its sales saw trouble picking up, and may completely phase out of the market eventually. Intel also aggressively planned its wearable product business previously, but the CPU giant has already shifted its focus and has not given any major updates for a while.

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