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Osram RGB Multi ChipLED
środa, 03 czerwca 2009 10:41

Osram Opto Semiconductors has developed what it claimed is the smallest RGB Multi ChipLED, which is taregted at colour video screens with large diagonals and small viewing distances. The significance of the small LED package is that larger numbers of pixels to be accommodated in a small display area. A 2.5 x 4.0 m display achieves a system luminance of 1500-2500 cd/m². "This corresponds to around ten times the luminance of a conventional LCD TFT screen," said Osram.

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T-Mobile snubbed Orange take-over bid
środa, 03 czerwca 2009 09:07

Orange is understood to have made an offer for T-Mobile's British operation but has been rebuffed by the company's German parent, Deutsche Telekom, The Observer newspaper reports. T-Mobile’s annual results, published early in May, revealed that the operator’s businesses in the UK, US and Poland were poor and there were calls by analysts to unload the ailing UK unit after it wrote down the value of the UK business to £3.3 billion.

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Flexible low-power, low-leakage quad RS-422 transmitters deliver maximum ESD protection
środa, 03 czerwca 2009 07:05

The ISL32179E, ISL32272E and ISL32274E withstand ESD during assembly and while in use, featuring +/- 16.5 kV ESD protection that meets HBM and IEC61000-4-2 standards on transmitter outputs. All of the transmitters also feature power-saving low-output leakage currents, at just ± 20uA. Designed to operate from either 3.3V or 5V and at temperatures between -40 to 125 degrees C, the new transmitters can replace existing RS-422 transmitters that are restricted to 5V supply voltages or that operate in limited temperature ranges.

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New thermally conductive Stanyl from DSM Engineering Plastics
wtorek, 02 czerwca 2009 22:04

DSM Engineering Plastics has launched a new portfolio of thermally conductive materials based on Stanyl PA46. Stanyl® TC is a thermally conductive PA46 providing high thermal management whilst retaining the material’s very high mechanical strength. The first key use of the new material is in LED Retrofit Lamps. In this type of application, thermal management is the main challenge, followed by mechanical / electrical performance.

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M2M GSM modules from TDC
wtorek, 02 czerwca 2009 21:03

The latest M2M GSM modules from TDC offer higher performance, lower power consumption and a smaller overall size whilst retaining full software and plug compatibility with the existing modules. The Cinterion TC63i and TC65i modules from TDC are based on a 65nm ARM9 processor. This processor will run all software written for the ARM7 used on the TC63 and TC65, but is faster and draws less power.According to TDC, the Cinterion TC63 and TC65 modules have become the de facto standard for top-class GSM and GPRS communication, offering GPRS Class 12 Quad-Band technology and an integrated TCP/IP stack.

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WiMax interoperability, roaming trials gather pace
wtorek, 02 czerwca 2009 19:57

Fourteen companies involved in the development of chips and device equipment and running of mobile WiMax networks have linked in the first commercial WiMax interoperability and roaming trials, the WiMax Forum said at its global congress this week in Amsterdam. "The goal is to demonstrate the WiMAX standard end-to-end roaming implementation that will be replicated by WiMAX operators and clearinghouses worldwide. This includes WiMAX networks which support roaming services and the roaming back office platforms which track and measure usage for operators to correctly settle accounts with each other."

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Altera still sees sales up 2-7%
wtorek, 02 czerwca 2009 17:04

Based on quarter-to-date results, Altera reaffirms its prior revenue guidance for second quarter sales to be up 2 to 7 percent sequentially. As expected, demand from OEMs providing equipment for Asian 2G and 3G wireless networks remains strong. Altera's new products have been the company's growth drivers during the second quarter. Sales of the company's 65-nanometer devices are up sharply. As anticipated, sales of Altera's 40-nanometer devices are on track to double from first quarter levels as the company is now shipping its Stratix® IV GX, Stratix IV GT, and Arria® II GX FPGAs.

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Hand-held digital power meters from Aspen
wtorek, 02 czerwca 2009 15:40

The Bird 5000-XT hand-held digital power meter is redesigned specifically for portability and ease of use in the field. Available in the UK from Aspen Electronics, this digital power meter is ideal for field service technicians and engineers who need to work in tight corners. It is easily attached to a tool belt and can even be operated with one hand. Applications are wide and varied, covering RF communications in telecoms, broadcast, medical, public safety, industrial, automotive, military and avionics sectors.

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E-book chip market to reach $1.1 billion in 2013, says In-Stat
wtorek, 02 czerwca 2009 13:59

Worldwide shipments of e-books are expected to grow from almost 1 million units in 2008 to close to 30 million units in 2013, according to market research company In-Stat. The semiconductor and electronic components segment spreads across the display assembly, processor, wireless module, DRAM, NAND, battery and enclosure. The processor opportunity within e-books will approach $227 million by 2013 while the bill of materials of a typical e-book will decrease by 23 percent between 2009 and 2013, as unit volume ramps up.

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Polish IP firm adds C80186EC-compatible core to its replacements family
wtorek, 02 czerwca 2009 12:28

“The C80186EC is a valuable add-on to our already wide family of obsolete part replacement IP cores,“ said Sebastian Kaprowski, Product Line Manager.“Similar to the C80186XL announced last year, it might be used either as a replacement for an original Intel architecture or as a main CPU in embedded 16-bit applications.“ The C80186EC implements a DRAM refresh unit, three timers/counters, two UARTs, four DMA engines, three 8-bit I/Os, two 8259-compatible components and a watchdog.

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