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Ultra-Low Resistance Current Sensor from Yageo
piątek, 31 lipca 2009 11:05

PF1206 ultra-low resistance current sensor designed for mini portable device applications. Featuring a comprehensive resistance range of 1 to 50 milli-ohms and temperature coefficient of 75ppm/ºC, Yageo's PF1206, manufactured using in-house metal foil and metal alloy processing technologies to combine PCB substrate and resistance foil, is capable of delivering 5-10% less temperature rise than similar products.

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Highly-reliable industrial PCs offer power and flexibility
piątek, 31 lipca 2009 08:58

The low power consumption of the units (an Apollo ICE typically uses around 45W) result direct, recurring savings on energy costs. They are seen as ideal for installations where space is at a premium and low maintenance costs are paramount. Designed for 24/7 operation in industrial environments, Eurotech offers its Apollo and Gemini industrial PCs.

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Akros Offers First Integrated, 2kV-Isolated, Quad-Output Power SoC
piątek, 31 lipca 2009 07:18

The AS1454 integrates a wide input range (9V-72V) isolated primary converter, a 2kV isolation barrier, a high-current-capable buck or boost PWM controller, and two 2A buck regulators into a single device. Its wide-input voltage range allows it to be used in 12VDC/24VDC/24VAC distributed power applications in industrial, building management, analog surveillance camera and automotive systems, as well as 48V distributed power applications in telecom, datacom, industrial and medical equipment requiring a 36V-72V input voltage range.

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NXP Dual Channel Class-D Amplifiers for veihicles
czwartek, 30 lipca 2009 20:29

The new NXP TDF8599 Class-D amplifier family operates with maximum output power from 70 – 130 watts (250 watts mono), significantly reducing power dissipation in the vehicle head-unit when compared to traditional Class-AB amplifiers and ensuring more efficient heat management. “The TDF8599 series gives us the opportunity to dramatically reduce the power dissipation in our multichannel audio amplifiers and at the same time increase the sound quality to satisfy our customers’ needs.”

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Terminal pins can save money during manufacture and test
czwartek, 30 lipca 2009 18:47

Keithley The range of terminal pins available from Vero Technologies provide an easily useable fitting on a PTH PCB for the attachment of oscilloscope probes, multimeter leads and test equipment, saving time and money during the manufacture and test process. By providing a convenient anchor point for one of the leads from a piece of test equipment, the terminal pins act as a convenient “third hand”, making it a far easier and quicker process to undertake functional testing, fault-finding and set-up.

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Keithley's Q3 sales slide with few signs of test upturn
czwartek, 30 lipca 2009 17:10

Keithley Instruments has reported a 43% fall in Q3 sales at $23.4m compared with the same quarter last year. “While results for the quarter were within our guidance, we continue to be disappointed with our operating losses caused by the depressed level of orders from our production-related customers as a result of their reduced spending,” said Joseph P. Keithley, the company’s chairman, president and CEO.

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Final curtain falls for Qimonda
czwartek, 30 lipca 2009 15:04

Insolvent DRAM manufacturer Qimonda AG's Dresden fab, which has been set into a 'sleep mode' in April, will be switched off for good by the end of the year. In his search for an investor, insolvency administrator Michael Jaffé hoists the white flag. According to media releases, the insolvency administrator has agreed with the workers' council to switch to liquidation mode after having adamantine searched for an investor for the fab as a whole for many months.

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Altera Extends Temperature Range of Stratix III FPGAs to Support Military Applications
czwartek, 30 lipca 2009 12:56

Altera Corporation announced it has extended the temperature range for selected members of its Stratix® III FPGA family to support military applications operating in rugged environments. Offering Stratix III FPGAs with an extended temperature range is part of Altera's enhanced commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) strategy, which ensures military customers have access to the technology and economy of scale advantages provided by commercially available products.

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New in-vehicle SBC platform integrates communication devices
czwartek, 30 lipca 2009 11:07

Availability of the VIA IVP-7500 SBC platform, which addresses the need for a solid yet flexible in-vehicle solution, has been announced by trident. The GPS module enables positioning and time information to be used in applications such as on or off board navigation and geo-tagging. Wireless peripheral connectivity is also enabled through use of the Bluetooth module.

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Solar supply chain burned by disappointing demand, oversupply
czwartek, 30 lipca 2009 09:05

The solar market will suffer the pains of uneven supply and demand through 2009, according to a recent report from iSuppli Corp. The market research company reported that massive oversupply of solar modules, combined with disappointing demand, has caused average inventories throughout the solar supply chain to soar by 64.3%, forcing major oversupply and price erosion. .

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