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First Internet Bank Offers Contactless Debit Card
poniedziałek, 10 sierpnia 2009 09:11

First Internet Bank (First IB) announced today it has begun issuing debit cards that include the Visa payWave (contactless) feature. These contactless debit cards promise First IB cardholders a faster and easier check-out, with the same security protection given to traditional magnetic stripe cards. Each First IB debit card enabled with Visa payWave is embedded with an advanced computer chip that uses radio frequency to perform the transaction.

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Super-capacitor aided wireless charging the key to powering mobiles
poniedziałek, 10 sierpnia 2009 07:03

A combination of super-capacitors and wireless charging could dramatically change the way mobile phones are powered up and used -- but the improvements could still be a long way off. Today's wireless charging solutions, like the Touchstone charger for the Palm Pre, use induction technology to transfer power over short distances, at about the same speed as a wired charger. Strategy Analytics says that this gives only minor benefits on its own.

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Diodes Incorporated Reports Second Quarter 2009 Financial Results
niedziela, 09 sierpnia 2009 21:07

Revenue for the second quarter of 2009 was $103.9 million, compared to the $78.1 million reported in the first quarter of 2009 and the $116.0 million reported in the second quarter of 2008. Second quarter revenue exceeded the Company’s guidance due to improved demand, as production was ramped on previous design wins at new customers and new design wins at existing customers for the Company's products that are utilized primarily in LCD televisions and LCD panels, set-top boxes, mobile handsets and notebooks.

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Mitsubishi Electric begins sales of TFT-LCD Modules in Europe
niedziela, 09 sierpnia 2009 17:02

Mitsubishi Electric announces sales of Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) modules for industrial applications in Europe. Business support will be handled through the Semiconductor European Business Group headquarters located in Ratingen, North-Rhine Westphalia in Germany. With the sales of TFT-LCD modules Mitsubishi Electric intends to offer strong support to local European customers.

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Researchers develop organic photodiodes
niedziela, 09 sierpnia 2009 13:21

Siemens has partnered with the Universities of Linz and Karlsruhe (TH) to produce organic photodiodes that are very sensitive to infrared radiation with wavelengths of more than one micrometer (µm). The detectors can be used in gas sensors, night vision systems, and cancer diagnostics. When used in these applications, organic photodiodes with semiconductor nanocrystals could result in substantial cost savings.Conventional photodiodes made of silicon are not sensitive to radiation with wavelengths of more than 1.1 m m.

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ADA Receives Grant for Advanced Battery Research
niedziela, 09 sierpnia 2009 08:50

ADA Technologies Inc. received a $100,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to continue research for the development of high-performance, safe, and long-lasting lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. DA's research focuses on the use of nanocomposite technology to overcome the current limitations. "ADA has developed a nanocomposite technology that combines high-performance nanocomposite electrodes with environmentally friendly electrolytes to create advanced Li-ion batteries," said Wen Lu, Ph.D., ADA Senior Research Scientist and Principal Investigator.

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Nokia to launch 'homegrown' China phone
sobota, 08 sierpnia 2009 12:49

Nokia will launch its first handset based on China's homegrown TD-SCDMA network before the end of 2009, in partnership with China Mobile, a senior executive of the world's biggest cellphone maker said. Colin Giles, Nokia's president for China, told Reuters that the device would be in the mid-to-high price range and that it would be a smartphone based on Nokia's Symbian platform.

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Maxim has introduced fully integrated Octal VGAs
sobota, 08 sierpnia 2009 09:15

Maxim has introduced the MAX2036/MAX2038, a fully integrated, SiGe variable-gain amplifiers (VGAs) with on-board continuous-wave Doppler (CWD) beamformers designed specifically for high-performance ultrasound-imaging applications. Together with the existing MAX2034 quad low-noise amplifier (LNA), the MAX2036/MAX2038 octal VGAs with CWD beamformers deliver the highest levels of integration, sensitivity, and dynamic range, along with the lowest output-referred noise of any competing integrated solution.

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Single-chip DVB-T silicon tuner from STM
piątek, 07 sierpnia 2009 20:39

ST’s new silicon tuner, the STV4100, addresses growing global demand for digital STBs and integrated digital televisions (iDTVs) as countries worldwide switch from analog to digital television broadcasting.By introducing the STV4100, ST now offers complete chipsets for digital-terrestrial receivers, including the tuner and a choice of demodulators, MPEG decoders, and combined demodulator/decoder ICs.

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Handy WLAN to RS232 module provides a cost-effective radio data link
piątek, 07 sierpnia 2009 20:27

Manufactured by RF Solutions, the S103 is compliant with the 802.11b protocol standard and can operate in Ad-Hoc or infrastructure mode, supporting 64/128-bits WEP security. A high-performance miniature WLAN to RS232 module, which provides a cost-effective radio data link between devices over a WLAN network is now available from - RS Components.

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