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Automotive electronic systems market to fall 15%, says analyst
piątek, 08 maja 2009 16:51

The market for automotive electronics will take until 2011 to exceed 2007's peak, according to market analysis firm Strategy Analytics. The company forecast a 15 percent fall in the value of automotive electronics systems installed in light vehicles in 2009, down to $126 billion, which follows a 3 percent fall in 2008. The global banking crisis and subsequent recessions in many major markets has resulted in a crash in vehicle production and sales.

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RS - In stock and ready to go - new logic ICs / power managers / data converters
piątek, 08 maja 2009 15:02

With the introduction of 8,000 new Texas Instruments (TI) devices, RS components has significantly expanded its TI offering.From logic ICs and cutting-edge power management technology, to data CONVERTERS and embedded processors, RS offers a comprehensive range of components, all in stock and ready for despatch.

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RFID Market to Grow 11% in 2009-2010 Amid Depressed Economy
piątek, 08 maja 2009 12:59

Despite the weakened state of the world economy RFID markets are not contracting, according to the latest data from ABI Research. At worst they are growing at a slower rate. Positive signs are beginning to appear and forecasts suggest that even with the ailing automotive vertical included, the RFID market should see 11 percent growth between 2009 and 2010. Remove the deeply depressed automotive immobilizer numbers which are directly tied to vehicle production, and the growth rate jumps to almost 16 percent.

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Green lasers arrive for pico projectors
piątek, 08 maja 2009 11:20

Green semiconductor lasers, a key component for pico projectors, will enter mass production by midyear, according to Corning Inc., which announced a deal with Microvision Inc. to supply the green lasers for Microvision's PicoP Display Engine. Pico projectors use red, blue and green lasers to project large, bright images from displays on handheld devices, but have been held back by green laser manufacturers who have been unable to deliver production volumes.

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Texas Instruments : 32-bit MCUs feature an independent math accelerator
piątek, 08 maja 2009 07:06

Driving development of more reliable, efficient embedded control applications, Texas Instruments (TI) has announced the TMS320F2803x Piccolo microcontrollers (MCUs) featuring the Control Law Accelerator (CLA). Unique to TI’s F2803x Piccolo MCUs, the CLA is a 32-bit floating-point math accelerator that operates independently of the C28x core, allowing for direct access to on-chip peripherals and parallel execution of algorithms. The new MCUs are based on an enhanced tightly coupled control architecture with integrated real-time control peripherals to simplify development of complex systems.

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Hynix and Numonyx target eMMC NAND interface
czwartek, 07 maja 2009 21:03

Hynix Semiconductor and Numonyx are working with Phison Electronics to develop a new type of memory controller which will support the JEDEC eMMC 4.4 interface for future NAND flash devices. Phison will exclusively supply the jointly developed controllers to NAND suppliers Hynix and Numonyx. “Standard interfaces like eMMC are becoming a common requirement for NAND flash memory systems used in next 3G plus mobile platforms,” said Marco Dallabora, Numonyx v-p and general manager of the Wireless Business Group.

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Panel Discussion on “Power Design for Economic and Ecological Success”
czwartek, 07 maja 2009 19:08

Intersil/Zilker Labs Digital Power Management expert Chris Young to participate in panel discussion on “Power Design for Economic and Ecological Success” A preview of easy-to-use Power Design Development tools At PCIM in Nuremberg, Intersil will unveil to the media the first of several innovative digital power management products based on its patented Zilker Labs Digital-DC™ technology. In addition, the company will highlight an advanced power module and powerful design software. Power Management expert Chris Young will participate in a panel discussion on power systems design.

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VeriChip and Receptors to Develop Bio-Threat Detection Systems
czwartek, 07 maja 2009 19:07

The partnership will build an integrated suite of wireless sensor products that detect and identify the presence of biological threats, such as influenza viruses, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or other illnesses. The products currently in the marketplace to detect and identify such biological threats fail to provide a comprehensive solution for threat detection and, importantly, are not stable or scalable. Additionally, current testing methods are typically too specific to effectively screen for the broad range of potential agents.

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International conference energy harvesting and storage.
czwartek, 07 maja 2009 17:58

3rd-4th June, Cambridge ,UK. Energy harvesting (energy scavenging) is concerned with converting ambient energy into electricity for small devices. This has many exciting applications, such as perpetual devices which can run for decades, wireless sensors and switches, and powering devices from watches to laptops to new printed electronics. This IDTechEx event, the first to focus on the uses, potential users and market forecasts as well as giving the latest technology trends, is the meeting place for users, investors, suppliers, developers, system integrators and government representatives.

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Flextronics starts recruiting at Hungarian plant
czwartek, 07 maja 2009 16:08

Flextronics International is to recruit staff for its Zalaegerszeg production plant in Hungary. The move follows two rounds of redundancies in February and March, which saw 400 staff lose their jobs. Although the latest expansion won't initially reverse these numbers, the planned first round expansion of the work force – somewhere between 100 and 200 – will help boost morale after a time of prolonged uncertainty.

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