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Synopsys Inc this morning announced it has acquired MIPS Technologies analog business group for $22 million in cash.
poniedziałek, 11 maja 2009 13:03

Synopsys Inc announced it has acquired MIPS Technologies analog business group for $22 million in cash. The move sees MIPS shed the unit less than two years after entering analog IP (intellectual property) with its $147 million acquisition of analog and mixed signal IP provider Chipidea Microelectronica SA in 2007. MIPS said in a statement that the divestiture will allow it to focus exclusively on its core competencies in microprocessor IP, continuing to build on its leadership position in markets like the digital home and networking, while expanding its presence in other key markets.

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Elmos, Advantest cooperate in automotive chip testing
poniedziałek, 11 maja 2009 10:03

Automotive chip vendor Elmos AG (Dortmund, Germany) and semiconductor test system provider Advantest have announced to cooperate. With the move, Advantest gains a foothold in the automotive semiconductor market. Advantest will provide test systems over the next years. The agreement is not a contract of purchase but a declaration of intent, both sides confirmed

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Newport has announced the release of the S-2000 Stabilizer series of pneumatic vibration isolators.
poniedziałek, 11 maja 2009 08:10

The offering incorporates Newport's self-centring pendulum design, laminar flow damping system, and precision auto-levelling valves.In addition, the S-2000 design incorporates enhanced levelling indicators, recessed lifting channels and a lower magnetic permeability design. Newport said the S-2000, with a 2000lb load capacity per isolator, is an ideal solution for isolating optical tables, large inspection equipment, heavy machinery, and large area sub-floors.

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A Fully Integrated, Robust Solution for Interfacing with Hall-Effect Sensors
niedziela, 10 maja 2009 21:00

This technical paper provides an overview of Hall-effect sensors, particularly the use of two-wire, Hall-effect digital switches in automotive and industrial applications. It then details a method for adding diagnostic capabilities and robust protection to automotive and industrial applications using a fully integrated Hall-effect sensor interface--in this example the Maxim 9921. Test results for immunity to ground shifts are also provided.

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Fujitsu ends disk drive head venture with TDK
niedziela, 10 maja 2009 17:05

Fujitsu has agreed with TDK to end their hard disk drive (HDD) head alliance. The companies will dissolve their HDD head manufacturing joint-venture which is 66% owned by TDK and 34% owned by Fujitsu. The Philippines-based joint-venture was first established in December 2004 to process and assemble HDD heads. .

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Europe set to levy fine against Intel, says report
niedziela, 10 maja 2009 13:20

The European Commission is set to rule next Thursday (May 13) that Intel Corp. breached anti-trust rules in its selling of microprocessors and to implement a massive fine, according to a Reuters report.It is speculated elsewhere online that the European Union will levy the world's largest ever anti-trust fine which could be twice the size of a $663 million fine imposed on Microsoft in 2004.

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Mouser - 32-bit microcontrollers target increasingly complex embedded designs
niedziela, 10 maja 2009 10:12

The PIC32 family is supported by Microchip's MPLAB development environment and well-known industry tools and software providers. Microchip offers a full set of development tools, code examples, USB, graphics, TCP/IP, and File System software all available with free source code. Industry partners offer real-time operating systems, development tools, graphical/GUI packages, file system, and networking middleware.

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ICs in fluorescent and LED lighting help achieve required PFC regulatory performance
sobota, 09 maja 2009 19:14

Power factor correction is an increasingly important consideration in lighting power-supply designs. What is power-factor correction (PFC) good for? PFC avoids apparent power being drawn from the power grid. This apparent power becomes larger as the phase shift between current and voltage gets larger, due to increasingly large capacitive or inductive loads. Such load behavior can be observed with LED light stripes or very often with fluorescent lamps.

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Farnell - Non-isolated programmable output DOSA POLs for same-day despatch
sobota, 09 maja 2009 15:30

Leading multi-channel distributor, FARNELL, has announced that it is to become the first stockist of Murata Power Solutions' latest range of exciting, industry-leading Point-of-Load (PoL) DC-DC CONVERTERS. The OKAMI Distributed-Power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) compatible modules provide a drop-in replacement for other DOSA compliant parts. Typical applications include powering CPUs, FPGAs, DSPs, datacom / telecom systems, server and storage equipment, and mixed voltage designs.

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TSMC, UMC April sales improve in chip recovery
sobota, 09 maja 2009 12:12

TSMC and UMC, the world's two biggest contract chipmakers, on Friday posted rising sales growth for April on a monthly basis, driven by growing demand for computers and other consumer gadgets. The two Taiwanese companies got off to a good start in the second quarter as TSMC has forecast stronger sales and profit margins than the first quarter. UMC is also aiming to return to profit in the current quarter.

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