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Synopsys, GlobalFoundries collaborate to deliver design platform and IP enablement for 7nm finFET process
środa, 21 czerwca 2017 07:59

Synopsys, Inc. announced the enablement of the Synopsys Design Platform and DesignWare Embedded Memory IP on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 7-nm Leading-Performance FinFET process technology. Synopsys and GF collaboration on the new process addressed several new challenges specific to the 7LP process. This process is expected to deliver 40 percent more processing power and twice the area scaling compared to GF's 14nm FinFET process. Designers of premium mobile processors, cloud servers and networking infrastructure can take advantage of these benefits by confidently deploying the silicon-proven Synopsys Design Platform and Embedded Memory IP.

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Rambus launches JEDEC-standard DDR4 NVRCD for emerging NVDIMM applications
wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017 20:09

Rambus Inc. announced the industry’s first production release of a JEDEC-standard persistent memory register clock driver for use with DDR4 non-volatile dual in-line memory modules. Operating at data rates up to 3200 MT/s, the Rambus NVRCD enables NVDIMMs to combine the performance of DRAM, with the persistence of storage-class memory to meet the needs of data intensive workloads like high-performance file systems, databases, big data analytics and storage.

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MediaTek Co-CEO says it will hire 1,000 employees this year
wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017 18:02

MediaTek’s newly appointed co-CEO, Rick Tsai, stated at a shareholders meeting recently that the company plans to hire around a thousand new employees in 2017. That’s definitely good news, as it shows that MediaTek is growing and adding more employees should help the company continue to grow in the future. This news comes after there were plenty of rumors in Taiwan that MediaTek would do massive layoffs after its new co-CEO was appointed. But it appears to be quite the opposite now. Competition in the handset industry, and more importantly the mobile SoC industry, has really heated up.

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AMD may beat Intel to market with PC gaming super chip
wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017 16:04

Advanced Micro Devices appears to have pulled ahead of Intel by a few months in the race to give video gamers and other PC performance junkies the latest and greatest chips. Intel said on Monday that its recently announced, top-performing Core i9 Extreme Edition, a chip fast enough to hit supercomputing speeds of a few decades ago, won't be available until October. AMD's similar Ryzen Threadripper chip will be available from at least some PC makers by the end of next month. Shares of AMD rose 4%, while Intel's stock price was up less than 1%.

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Xiaomi expected to reach 28 million shipments in Q3 2017
wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017 13:53

Xiaomi’s smartphone market performance in the second quarter of the year seems to have exceeded expectations. While industry insider Kevin Wang was speculating last week that Xiaomi shipped 20 million smartphones in Q2 2017, the same source now suspects that the company’s smartphone branch topped 23 million shipments in the same period. In light of this forecast, the industry insider added that Xiaomi is now expected to ship 28 million smartphones in the third quarter of the year.

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Continental joins BMW, Intel, Mobileye platform for self-driving cars
wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017 12:00

Continental said on Tuesday it would join a self-driving platform developed by BMW, Intel and Mobileye with the German auto parts and tire maker handling integration of components and software. The costs to integrate hardware, software and data and the accelerating pace of development of self-driving vehicles has sparked a growing number of alliances between automakers and suppliers. Continental, the world's second-biggest supplier to carmakers by sales, said it would play a key role in commercializing the new platform, which is to be sold to other auto manufacturers.

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Global Unichip rolls out HBM2 total solution
wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017 10:05

Global Unichip has successful taped out a 16nm, second-generation high bandwidth memory PHY and controller with verified interposer design and CoWoS package. The ultra-high capacity memory ASIC solution will meet the demanding requirements of artificial intelligence, deep learning, and a variety of high performance computing applications. HBM is a high-performance RAM interface for 3D-stacked DRAM. It is normally used in conjunction with high-performance graphics accelerators and network devices. It adopted by JEDEC as an industry standard in October 2013 and the second generation, HBM2, was accepted by JEDEC in January 2016.

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Globalfoundries, ON Semiconductor deliver the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth low energy SoC family
wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017 07:50

Globalfoundries and ON Semiconductor announced the availability of a System-on-Chip family of devices, on GF’s 55nm Low Power Extended, RF-enabled process technology platform. ON Semiconductor’s new RSL10 products are based on a multi-protocol Bluetooth 5 certified radio SoC capable of supporting the advanced wireless functionalities in IoT and “Connected” Health and Wellness markets. “Bluetooth low energy technology continues to advance as the key enabler for connecting IoT devices, especially with low power consumption requirements,” said Robert Tong, vice president of ON Semiconductor’s Medical and Wireless Products Division.

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Phison opens new facility in Miaoli
poniedziałek, 19 czerwca 2017 20:08

Phison Electronics Corp held a ceremony to celebrate the completion of a US$26.33 million facility in Miaoli County’s Jhunan Township. The construction of the facility, which could house 2,300 employees, took less than seven months to complete, Phison said. The company has said it plans to increase its Taiwanese workforce of about 1,200 people. “Demand has come back this week - our major customers have placed big orders to meet growing demand for USBs and solid-state drives,” Phison chairman Pua Khein-seng told a news briefing following the ceremony.

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Samsung, SK may benefit from booming chip market
poniedziałek, 19 czerwca 2017 18:04

South Korean chipmakers Samsung Electronics and SK hynix may benefit from the booming memory chip market driven by rising prices and tight supply, local reports said Sunday, quoting market research firms. According to a June 15 report by DRAMeXchange, the average contract price of DRAM for servers will increase up to 8 percent in the third quarter from the previous quarter. The average price rose 40 percent in the first quarter and 10 percent in the second quarter from the previous quarters. The continuing price growth is partly driven by rising demand for high-capacity memory in the server market, the report said.

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