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Researchers uncover flaw that makes Wi-Fi vulnerable to hacks
wtorek, 17 października 2017 20:00

Cyber security watchdogs and researchers are issuing warnings over risks associated with a widely used system for securing Wi-Fi communications after the discovery of a flaw that could allow hackers to read information thought to be encrypted, or infect websites with malware. An alert from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Computer Emergency Response Team said the flaw could be used within range of Wi-Fi using the WPA2 protocol to hijack private communications. It recommended installing vendor updates on affected products, such as routers provided by Cisco Systems Inc or Juniper Networks Inc.

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Essential is being sued over its modular accessory technology
wtorek, 17 października 2017 18:00

Essential Inc launched its first smartphone earlier this year. The new company has already been subject to legal action, specifically from case manufacturer Spigen over its use for the 'Essential' brand name. Now it is being sued again, this time by Keyssa Inc, over the phone's connector for modular accessories. If you're not familiar with the Essential Phone, it has a connector on the back for attaching modular accessories, like a specially-designed 360-degree camera. Motorola's Moto Z series has a similar connector for its 'Moto Mod' accessories, but Essential's is a bit different. The actual pins on the back are only for charging; the actual data transfer is done over a dedicated 60GHz wireless connection.

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Qualcomm achieves world’s first announced 5G data connection on modem chipset
wtorek, 17 października 2017 16:01

Qualcomm Technologies Inc. successfully achieved a 5G data connection on a 5G modem chipset for mobile devices. The Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem chipset delivered gigabit speeds and a data connection in the 28GHz mmWave radio frequency band, driving a new generation of cellular technology forward while accelerating the delivery of 5G NR enabled mobile devices to consumers. Additionally, Qualcomm Technologies previewed its first 5G smartphone reference design for the testing and optimization of 5G technology within the power and form-factor constraints of a smartphone.

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Apple denied motions in VirnetX patent case, slapped with a $440M final judgement
wtorek, 17 października 2017 13:55

Apple lost a retrial a year ago in an ongoing patent dispute with VirnetX over secure communications protocols in FaceTime and other applications, and today the latter company announced the total amount Apple finally will be required to pay up, after the court that heard the case - United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas - denied all of Apple’s motions filed in the wake of that decision, and affirmed VirnetX’s motions. According to Virnetx, total final judgement amount will now be $439.7 million, about $140 million higher than previously disclosed. The sum includes the jury verdict of $302.4 million announced last year, additional willful infringement of $41.3 million; and interest, costs and attorney fees of $96 million.

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Largan recruiting over 1,000 workers
wtorek, 17 października 2017 12:03

Smartphone lens module maker Largan Precision is recruiting more than 1,000 workers for a new plant under construction beside its existing factory in Taiwan, according to the company. Largan also dismissed allegations that its workers' salaries are not competitive. For a production line worker, minimum regular monthly salary based on 10 working hours a day for about 16 days is NT$26,000 (US$858) for daytime shift and NT$38,800 for night shift, Largan said. Plus overtime work of 40 hours a month, minimum monthly salary is NT$32,400 for daytime shift and NT$48,400 for night shift, Largan noted. Largan offers a 15-month salary package for a year, including a bonus of 0.5-month for Dragon Boat Festival and Moon Festival each and two months for Lunar New Year.

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sureCore joins GLOBALFOUNDRIES FDXcelerator Partner Program
wtorek, 17 października 2017 09:56

sureCore Ltd. announced it has joined the GLOBALFOUNDRIES FDXcelerator Partner Program and will make both their Low Power “PowerMiser” and Ultra Low Voltage “EverOn” SRAM offerings available on GF’s 22nm FD-SOI process technology. PowerMiser delivers dynamic and static power savings exceeding 50 percent and 20 percent respectively. EverOn is the first commercially available SRAM to enable robust and reliable operation at near threshold voltages delivering hitherto unprecedented power savings. sureCore SRAMs are built from standard foundry bit cells and need no process modifications “GF’s 22FDX is a logical next step for developers who are currently in 28nm bulk processes” said CEO Paul Wells.

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Dr. Haijun Zhao, Dr. Liang Mong Song appointed as SMIC co-CEO and Executive Director
wtorek, 17 października 2017 07:59

SMIC announced the appointment of Dr. Haijun Zhao and Dr. Liang Mong Song as SMIC Co-CEO and Executive Director. Dr. Zhao, age 54, was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company on May 10, 2017. Dr. Zhao joined the Company in October 2010 and was appointed as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President in April 2013. In July 2013, Dr. Zhao was appointed as General Manager of Semiconductor Manufacturing North China Corporation, a joint venture company established in Beijing and a subsidiary of the Company. Dr. Zhao received his bachelor of science and doctor of philosophy degrees in electronic engineering from Tsinghua University and a master degree in business administration from the University of Chicago.

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Semiconductors boost TAIEX by 1.8%
poniedziałek, 16 października 2017 20:07

Surging share prices have drawn in major retail investors, while foreign institutional investors were responsible for 24% of trading, compared to 14% for local ones. The semiconductor sector drove last week’s upturn in the local stock market, boosting the market’s capitalization by almost 1.8 percent. With contract chipmaker TSMC steaming ahead, the market cap of the main bourse rose about NT$560.46 billion, or 1.79 percent from a week earlier, to NT$31.94 trillion, while the market cap of the semiconductor sector gained NT$473.5 billion, TWSE data showed. The TAIEX on Friday closed up 0.12 points at 10,724.09, the 100th consecutive trading session in which share prices traded above that level, the longest run for the index above that level in its history.

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Baidu plans to mass produce self-driving cars
poniedziałek, 16 października 2017 18:03

Baidu hopes to be in the business of mass producing autonomous cars by 2021, thanks to a partnership with BAIC Group, a Chinese automaker which will handle the manufacturing part of that equation. BAIC Group is one of Baidu’s many partners for its Apollo autonomous driving program, and it’ll use the open platform to produce vehicles with Level 3 autonomous features by 2019 before moving on to fully self-driving Level 4 cars by 2021. Baidu will contribute cybersecurity, image recognition and self-driving, as well as its DuerOS virtual assistant capabilities, and BAIC will integrate those technologies into its own vehicles.

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Xiaomi to build east China headquarters in Nanjing
poniedziałek, 16 października 2017 15:57

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is building its East China headquarters in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Lei Jun, chairman and chief executive officer of Xiaomi, said that Xiaomi currently has two stores in Nanjing and they plan to increase the number to four by the end of 2017. By the end of 2018, they expect to have 11 stores in this city. Lei said Xiaomi is undergoing a new round of high-speed growth and they need to further expand development opportunities to promote the sustainable development of the company. Xiaomi's East China headquarters will focus on the breakthrough of new technologies and new models as well as the development of smart hardware and Internet of Things services.

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