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WD gives hard drives new spin
sobota, 14 października 2017 07:55

Western Digital demonstrated a new technology for recording heads it claims will keep hard disk drives spinning for years to come. It will ship by mid-2019 drives using microwave-assisted magnetic recording, a technology it expects can lead to 40 TByte drives by 2025. The technique was born in a Carnegie Mellon lab in 2006. WD struggled for years to implement the technique until two years ago when a researcher at the former IBM plant here where the hard drive was born had an "a-ha moment" that paved the way to commercial products. Today, WD believes MAMR should enable 15 percent declines in terabytes/dollar on hard drives through 2028. The company showed a working prototype at its headquarters here, promising engineering samples of a 14+ TByte drive by mid-2018 and production drives a year later.

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Semi market will be worth $411bn this year
piątek, 13 października 2017 19:54

The chip market will be worth $411 billion this year says Gartner, representing an increase of 19.7% from 2016. This will be the strongest growth since the 2010 recovery from the financial crisis when revenue increased by 31.8%. “Memory continues to lead the semiconductor market higher and is expected to increase 57 percent in 2017 as supply and demand dynamics increase prices. A shortage of memory, and in particular DRAM, is driving semiconductor revenue higher,” says Gartner’s Jon Erensen, “strength is spreading to other semiconductor categories as well with nonoptical sensors, analog, discretes and image sensors all forecast to grow over 10 percent in 2017.

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Imec and AD sign strategic research partnership for development of next-generation IoT devices
piątek, 13 października 2017 17:59

Imec and Analog Devices announced they have entered into a strategic research partnership to develop the next generation of Internet of Things devices. With two initiatives already underway, imec and ADI aim to innovate devices that are not only low-power but that also come with largely improved - or completely new - sensing capabilities. This new collaboration is the latest example of imec and ADI’s long history of jointly developing high-performance low-power, cost effective circuits and systems. The IoT continues to grow and mature, and by 2020, it is expected to consist of billions of connected, “smart” objects that rely on unobtrusive sensors to constantly monitor the environment, provide status reports and receive instructions.

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Irish court gives $1 billion Apple data center green light
piątek, 13 października 2017 16:08

Apple may proceed to build a 850 million euro ($1 billion) data center in Ireland, bringing relief for the government after a two-year planning delay which it feared could hurt its reputation with investors. Apple in February 2015 announced plans to build the data center in a rural location in the west of Ireland to take advantage of rich green energy sources nearby. Planning permission was granted by the local council six months later, but a series of appeals blocked Apple from beginning work. High Court judge Paul McDermott on Thursday dismissed two separate appeals against the planning permission, clearing the way for the project to proceed.

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EUV still two years from manufacturing take-off
piątek, 13 października 2017 13:53

This year, $1.482 billion worth of EUV machines will be sold, according to VLSI Research. Last year $1.06 billion was spent on the machines and the year after next, 2019, the spend will be $3 billion when LSI CEO Dan Hutcheson expects manufacturing with EUV to take off. “I’m sure next year some people will announce manufacturing with EUV, but the ramp will really be in 2019,” says Hutcheson. The machines cost about $150 billion each. The spend on EUV is already a third of the $4.5 billion being spent on 193nm scanners. “Everyone talked about using EUV on one or two mask layers coming in, but now its five, six or seven mask layers,” says VLSI CEO Dan Hutcheson.

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Mobile DRAM prices to go up by 10~15%
piątek, 13 października 2017 11:57

DRAMeXchange estimates that mobile DRAM products will see sequentially quarterly price increases in the average range of 10~15% in the fourth quarter of 2017. This price hike is attributed to DRAM suppliers seeking to correct price differences among various applications as well as the year-end busy season in the smartphone market. The percent of sequential price increase for mobile DRAM in the fourth quarter is expected to be the largest when compared with percent increases for DRAM used in other applications. Since the start of 2017, the average price of PC DRAM has been higher than that of mobile DRAM. This situation will end in the fourth quarter due to the jump in mobile DRAM prices.

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LG to open Europe's biggest car battery factory next year
piątek, 13 października 2017 10:04

South Korea’s LG Chem will open Europe’s largest lithium-ion battery factory in Poland next year as the region’s auto industry gears up to mass produce electric cars. Tumbling battery prices and growing pressure to cut exhaust emissions have led carmakers to embrace electric vehicles. Manufacturers from VW Group to Volvo Cars, Daimler and BMW plan to roll out a raft of new electric models in coming years. But Europe lacks big-scale battery cell production facilities so those components are mostly imported from China and South Korea. LG Chem plans to spend 5.9 billion zlotys on the factory near the southwestern city of Wroclaw, according to Polish state industry agency ARP.

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Notebook ODMs see shipments increase in September
piątek, 13 października 2017 07:57

Notebook ODMs including Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics, Wistron and Inventec have reported on-month shipment growths for September with Inventec and Wistron both enjoying double-digit percentage increases. Quanta shipped 4.2 million notebooks in September, up from four million units in August and raising the company's volumes in the third quarter to reach 11 million units. Quanta is expected to see a strong fourth quarter in 2017 with stable orders for Apple's MacBook series and from the leading player HP. Quanta is also a notebook supplier for Asustek Computer and Acer, while its orders for servers and smartwatches have also been picking up in the fourth quarter. Compal had shipments of 3.8 million PCs in September, increasing from August's 3.5 million units.

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ST to build two new 300mm fabs
czwartek, 12 października 2017 20:00

ST is to build two new 300mm fabs costing $3.63 billion according to Usine Nouvelle. ST will look for funding for the fabs from the French and Italian governments which own 27.5% of the company. The fabs will be located in Agrate and Crolles. ST has not built a 300mm fab since 2002 went it built Crolles 2 with Motorola and Philips. Motorola (later Freescale) and Philips pulled out of the collaboration in 2007. In 2004, under former CEO Pasquale Pistorio, ST built a 300mm fab shell in Catania but it was never equipped. The decision to build two new fabs will be seen as a triumph for ST deputy CEO and presumed CEO-in-waiting Jean-Marc Chery who has always been ST’s digital champion Chery says that 10-15% of ST’s capacity is booked out to foundries and that ST’s own fabs are fully loaded.

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DRAM supply to remain tight
czwartek, 12 października 2017 17:53

DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, forecasts that the global DRAM supply for 2018 will show an annual bit growth of just 19.6%, which is another low in recent years. The global top three major DRAM suppliers - Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron - are now in the midst of their capacity planning for 2018. DRAMeXchange points out that all three suppliers tend to be conservative with regard to next year’s capital outlays. They have opted to slow down their capacity expansions and technology migrations so that they can keep next year’s prices at the same high level as during this year’s second half. Doing so will also help them to sustain a strong profit margin.

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