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DRAM supply to remain tight
czwartek, 12 października 2017 17:53

DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, forecasts that the global DRAM supply for 2018 will show an annual bit growth of just 19.6%, which is another low in recent years. The global top three major DRAM suppliers - Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron - are now in the midst of their capacity planning for 2018. DRAMeXchange points out that all three suppliers tend to be conservative with regard to next year’s capital outlays. They have opted to slow down their capacity expansions and technology migrations so that they can keep next year’s prices at the same high level as during this year’s second half. Doing so will also help them to sustain a strong profit margin.

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Qualcomm faces $774 million antitrust fine in Taiwan
czwartek, 12 października 2017 15:56

Qualcomm announced that the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission has reached a decision in the TFTC’s investigation, stating in a press release that certain of the Company’s business practices are in violation of Taiwanese competition law and imposing a fine of approximately $23.4 billion Taiwan dollars (approximately $773 million US dollars at current exchange rates). Qualcomm disagrees with the decision summarized in the TFTC’s press release and intends to seek to stay any required behavioral measures and appeal the decision to the Taiwanese courts after receiving the TFTC’s formal decision, which is expected in the next several weeks.

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Global high-brightness LED production value to grow 2-5% annually in 2018-2022
czwartek, 12 października 2017 13:52

Global production value for high-brightness LED chips in 2017 is estimated at US$13.179 billion, growing 2.8% on year, and the production value will increase 2-5% annually during 2018-2022, Digitimes Research estimates. Automotive and displays applications will have CAGR of 13-15% and 8-11% respectively in production value in 2018-2022; lighting will witness CAGR of below 10% during the period because LED lighting penetration will approach saturation, according to Digitimes Research. Global production value for backlighting applications for TVs, notebooks, monitors and tablets will keep declining slightly in 2018-2022, and backlighting applications for handsets will drop significantly due to increasing adoption of AMOLED panels for smartphones.

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Semiconductor IP market worth $6.22B by 2023
czwartek, 12 października 2017 11:58

The semiconductor IP market is expected to be valued at USD 6.22 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 4.87% between 2017 and 2023, according to MarketsandMarkets. The major factors driving this market include the advancement in multicore technology for consumer electronics sector, increasing demand for modern SoC designs leading to market growth, and growing demand for connected devices. The increase in the use of consumer electronics in all the regions is boosting the growth of the semiconductor IP market for the consumer electronics vertical.

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Toshiba Memory Corp to invest in production equipment for Fab 6 at Yokkaichi operations
czwartek, 12 października 2017 10:00

Toshiba Corporation announced that its board of directors has approved a further investment by Toshiba Memory Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary that manufactures Flash memory, in manufacturing equipment for the Fab 6 clean room under construction at Yokkaichi Operations. TMC will invest approximately 110 billion yen as a second investment in Fab 6 for the installation of additional manufacturing equipment in the Phase-1 clean room. Production at Fab 6 will be entirely devoted to BiCS FLASH, Toshiba's innovative 3D Flash memory.

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A massive adoption of laser technologies for semiconductor manufacturing
czwartek, 12 października 2017 07:56

A wide variety of laser technologies is today available to semiconductor manufacturers and enable the development of innovative semiconductor manufacturing processes. According to Yole Développement, the laser equipment market will grow at a 15% CAGR between 2016 and 2022 and should reach more than US$4 billion by 2022. Those figures are showing the massive adoption of laser technologies for semiconductor manufacturing processes. In its latest report titled Laser Technologies for Semiconductor Manufacturing, the market research and strategy consulting company details the status of this industry, mainly driven by dicing, via drilling and patterning in PCB flex and PCB HDI, IC substrates and semiconductor device processing.

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Western Digital statement denies Toshiba’s right to sell
środa, 11 października 2017 20:01

Western Digital has put out a statement saying that Toshiba cannot complete the sale of its memory division to a Bain-led consortium without its consent. ‘Toshiba ignores that the arbitration seeks to prohibit the transfer of any JV interests without SanDisk’s consent. Because Toshiba transferred other JV interests, such as its managerial and control rights in the JVs, Toshiba cannot close its transaction if SanDisk prevails.’ WD claims that it has contractual consent rights to the sale and notes that Bain hasn’t reached out to Western Digital as Bain had claimed. Western Digital reiterates that Toshiba doesn’t have the right to complete the Fab 6 NAND manufacturing without Western Digital’s participation.

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Lenovo highlights future of technology and supercomputing
środa, 11 października 2017 18:03

Lenovo Data Center Group is showcasing its supercomputing or high-performance computing and an array of products and solutions that are fit for the ‘Intelligence Revolution’ era. “We live in a fast-paced world where organizations globally are largely competitive and continuously looking to achieve the next ‘big thing’. Building on our 25 years of history in x86 server computing and our number one position in x86 server customer satisfaction and reliability, our goal at Lenovo is to be the largest supercomputing company on earth helping solve humanities largest challenges through the rapid advancement of technology and innovation,” said Russell Theron, regional manager, Data Center Group, Lenovo Middle East and Africa.

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Samsung’s new image sensors bring fast and slim attributes to mobile and IoT applications
środa, 11 października 2017 16:10

Samsung Electronics introduced two new ISOCELL image sensors: 1.28-micrometer 12-megapixel ISOCELL Fast 2L9 with Dual Pixel technology, and ultra-small 0.9µm 24Mp ISOCELL Slim 2X7 with Tetracell technology. Samsung ISOCELL image sensors fall into four categories - Fast, Slim, Bright and Dual - depending on their key attributes. As market demand for sleeker smartphones with advanced features increases, ISOCELL Fast 2L9 and Slim 2X7 both offer high resolution image sensors in small chip packages, delivering detailed pictures in low-light environments without a camera bump.

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Alibaba launches $15 billion overseas R&D drive
środa, 11 października 2017 14:02

China’s top e-commerce firm, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, is launching a $15 billion drive to build overseas research hubs as the deep-pocketed firm looks to compete with global leaders in e-commerce, logistics and cloud technology. The Alibaba ‘Damo’ academy would launch eight research bases in China, Israel, the United States, Russia and Singapore and was hiring 100 researchers to work on artificial intelligence, quantum computing and fintech. “The Alibaba DAMO Academy will be at the forefront of developing next-generation technology that will spur the growth of Alibaba and our partners”, Chief Technology Officer Jeff Zhang said.

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