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AMOLED production equipment purchases to reach record high in 2017
poniedziałek, 13 lutego 2017 10:09

The FPD industry is in the midst of a historic wave of building new factories to manufacture AMOLED displays. This will drive $9.5 billion worth of AMOLED-specific production equipment purchases in 2017. The equipment used for producing TFT backplanes will account for 47 percent of the total market in 2017, worth $4.4 billion in revenues. Organic light-emitting layer deposition and encapsulation tools will generate record revenues of $2.2 billion and $1.2 billion, respectively, this year.

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Applied Materials CTO Dr. Om Nalamasu elected to National Academy of Engineering
poniedziałek, 13 lutego 2017 07:55

Applied Materials, Inc. announced that Dr. Om Nalamasu, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, has been elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, one of the highest professional honors for engineers. Dr. Nalamasu received the distinction for technical innovation spanning materials development, atomically controlled thin-film fabrication, and commercialization in microelectronics and energy generation and storage.

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LG wins major victory in federal counterfeit wearables case
niedziela, 12 lutego 2017 20:00

A U.S. federal court has awarded more than $168 million in damages, plus attorneys' fees and interest to LG Electronics MobileComm USA in a case against 17 defendants found liable for manufacturing, distributing, trafficking and selling counterfeit and knockoff LG TONE headsets. With this ruling LG has successfully slammed shut a sizable portion of counterfeits and knockoffs of its popular LG TONE headset line being sold in the United States.

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Asustek January revenues hit 9-month low
niedziela, 12 lutego 2017 16:03

Asustek Computer has reported consolidated revenues of NT$31.349 billion for January, the lowest monthly level since May 2016 and decreasing 20.75% on month and 11.7% on year, while its combined brand sales of NT$28.085 billion also dropped 22.4% on month and 12% on year. Acer also reported consolidated revenues of NT$19.962 billion for January, slipping 9.96% on month but growing 6.84% on year.

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Nasdaq plans venture arm to invest in financial technology
niedziela, 12 lutego 2017 11:52

Exchange operator Nasdaq Inc plans to set up a venture capital arm to invest in financial technology companies that can help grow its own businesses, two people familiar with the plans told Reuters. The amount Nasdaq would invest could not be learned, though one person described it as "modest" relative to its broader earnings and capital plans. Nasdaq generated $2.3 billion in net revenue last year.

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Samsung may show off foldable smartphone at MWC
niedziela, 12 lutego 2017 08:04

According to a new report, Samsung may be showing off a foldable smartphone to a handful of people at the MWC, where is has an even slated for Feb. 26. "A private demo of one of the world's first foldable smartphones might be in the pipeline. 'Private' is unfortunately the key word, as a select group of partners, distributors, retailer reps and journalists will probably attend the secret event," notes the publication. The prototypes of the same will be available only for the eyes of specific "invited guests."

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Wireless charging and new glass casing will require heat compensation in Apple's 'iPhone X'
sobota, 11 lutego 2017 19:54

This year's anticipated flagship iPhone is expected to switch to a glass external casing while also offering wireless charging. Wireless charging adds heat, and glass handles that heat poorer than metal. In addition, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the switch to a new film sensor for 3D Touch in the new handset is more sensitive to heat. As a result, he expects that Apple's "iPhone X" or "iPhone 8" will gain a graphite sheet to help dissipate heat.

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Zenefits cuts nearly half its workforce as startup's struggles continue
sobota, 11 lutego 2017 15:57

Zenefits is laying off nearly half its staff as the software startup grapples with the fallout of insurance violations that resulted in hefty penalties from state regulators. The company said that 430 employees would lose their jobs. That leaves 4-year-old Zenefits with about 500 employees, roughly a third of what it had a year ago.

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AI helps Nvidia reach record revenues
sobota, 11 lutego 2017 11:59

Nvidia has reported fourth quarter Fiscal Year 2017 of US$2.17 billion, up 55% from US$1.40 billion a year earlier, and up 8% from US$2.00 billion in the previous quarter. For fiscal 2017, revenue reached a record US$6.91 billion, up 38% percent from US$5.01 billion a year earlier. Growth was driven primarily by Datacenter sales tripling from a year earlier to $296 million. Nvidia highlighted how AI is transforming industries worldwide.

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Grant Pierce named Chairman of the ESD Alliance Board of Directors
sobota, 11 lutego 2017 07:59

Grant A. Pierce, CEO of Sonics, Inc. was elected by the Board of Directors of the ESD Alliance to serve as its chairman. "It is an honor and a privilege to be named chairman of the ESD Alliance by my peers on the board," remarks Pierce. In a related move, Bob Smith, executive director of the ESD Alliance, joined the board of directors as part of a recent amendment that updated the ESD Alliance bylaws to reflect the broader mission of the organization.

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