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Acer's and HP's Windows Mixed Reality headsets go on pre-order
sobota, 13 maja 2017 07:48

Microsoft's plan to bring augmented and virtual reality experiences to everyone is about to get a major boost. At its Build developer conference, the company announced that Acer's and HP's Windows Mixed Reality headsets will go on pre-order in the US and Canada. The devices, which are geared toward developers, are expected to ship this summer from the Microsoft Store starting at $299 for the Acer headset. HP's, meanwhile, costs $329.

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Apple to invest US$1bn in data center
piątek, 12 maja 2017 20:05

Apple Inc announced plans for a US$1 billion expansion of its massive data center east of Reno, Nevada, doubling its investment and roughly tripling its workforce at the technology campus where company officials expect to hire 100 additional workers. The announcement came as the Reno City Council approved Apple’s plans to build a US$4 million shipping and receiving warehouse on a vacant lot in downtown Reno that will make it eligible for millions of dollars in tax breaks.

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The A11 chip is now in production at TSMC
piątek, 12 maja 2017 18:01

TSMC has overcome its initial struggles and started producing the A11 chips meant to power the next iPhones and iPads. They will be made on a 10nm process. There's almost nothing that we know about the A11 processor in advance. TSMC previously estimated that 10nm production tech alone could provide up to 20% performance gains and 40% less power consumption. TSMC is expected to manufacture as many as 100 million A11 chips by the end of this year.

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Panasonic expects auto focus to boost annual profit by 21 percent
piątek, 12 maja 2017 16:08

Panasonic Corp said it expects operating profit to rise by one-fifth year-on-year this financial year as investments in advanced automotive parts begin to pay off. Panasonic forecasts operating profit to increase to 335 billion yen in the year to March 2018 from 276.8 billion yen a year ago. The outlook is slightly lower than the 346.28 yen average estimate compiled by Thomson Reuters.

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POSCO Energy wins $2.5 bil. power plant project in Vietnam
piątek, 12 maja 2017 13:57

POSCO Energy has secured a $2.5 billion project to build a coal-fired electrical power plant in Vietnam as part of its efforts to find new business opportunities abroad. The firm's envisioned 1,200 megawatt power plant is the second of its kind in the Southeast Asian nation, according to company officials. It is expected to facilitate the outfit's goal of becoming a leading electricity generator in the rapidly-growing region.

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Sumco lowering wafer shipments to XMC
piątek, 12 maja 2017 11:55

Sumco has reportedly cut its wafer shipments to Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing and given priority to TSMC, Intel and Micron Technology, according to industry sources. A cutback in wafer shipments from Sumco has led to a more severe shortage of NOR flash memory. The supply of 12-inch wafers has been tight amid strong demand for ICs including memory chips. Specialty IC foundry VIS has said the shortage of 12-inch wafers could last through the end of 2017.

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Soitec names new VP of Strategic Business Development in China
piątek, 12 maja 2017 10:01

Soitec has appointed Stephen Lin to the newly created position of vice president of strategic business development in China, a key region for the company’s future growth plans. Stephen Lin brings to Soitec nearly 30 years of experience leading semiconductor business operations in China and the U.S. “Working with our executive team, Stephen is in charge of strengthening Soitec’s business interests within China as well as growing market demand for SOI wafer products,” said Thomas Piliszczuk, Soitec’s executive vice president.

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WIN Semiconductor increases wafer manufacturing capacity by 20%
piątek, 12 maja 2017 07:55

WIN Semiconductors Corp has completed phase 2 expansion at its newest wafer fab, Fab C. This operation is now fitted with clean rooms, efficient process lines and advanced equipment for GaAs MMIC production, epitaxial growth of compound semiconductors, as well as fabrication and test of optical devices. Continued build-out of the new manufacturing facility further validates the pure-play foundry model in the compound semiconductor industry.

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SMIC transitions CEO responsibility to Dr. Haijun Zhao
czwartek, 11 maja 2017 20:05

SMIC announces the appointment of Dr. Haijun Zhao as CEO replacing Dr. Tzu-Yin Chiu, who will continue to serve as Vice Chairman and Non-Executive Director of the Board and guide the Company's future strategic direction. In addition, Dr. Chiu will serve as a full-time advisor until June 30, 2017, working closely with Dr. Zhao to ensure a seamless transition of leadership responsibilities. Dr. Zhao joined SMIC in October 2010 and has moved quickly through the company's ranks.

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Tesla opens orders for solar roofs
czwartek, 11 maja 2017 18:02

The Silicon Valley electric car and clean energy company began taking $1,000 reservations for its power-generating solar roofs. The company says the tiles will be priced competitively to traditional roofs, when factoring in energy savings and tax credits over the expected 30-year lifetime of the system. Tesla believes the solar roofs will appeal to existing customers and expand its reach into the residential solar market. The company acquired one of the country’s largest solar installers, SolarCity, last year.

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