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JV to deliver centimetre-level accuracy GNSS
wtorek, 08 sierpnia 2017 15:36

Bosch, Geo++, Mitsubishi Electric and u-blox have formed a jv called  Sapcorda Services to bring high precision GNSS positioning services to mass market applications. The four parties recognized that existing solutions for GNSS positioning services do not meet the needs of emerging high precision GNSS mass markets.

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TSMC isn't so sure Taiwan can power a new chip fab
wtorek, 08 sierpnia 2017 13:15

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the largest dedicated integrated circuit foundry in the world, said Monday that Taiwan was still its top choice for the site of its cutting-edge 3-nanometer chip fab. But the government must facilitate the project by ensuring a stable supply of electricity, since TSMC does not plan to develop its own power source, the company said.

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Average contract price of PC DRAM modules posts sequential monthly gain in July
wtorek, 08 sierpnia 2017 10:53

DRAM prices began to rise in the second half of 2016 and have maintained a strong upward momentum through the first half of 2017, according to data from DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce. The average contract price of PC DRAM modules rose by nearly 40% sequentially in the first quarter to US$24 and then by more than 10% sequentially in the second quarter to US$27. Furthermore, the average contract price of PC DRAM modules increased by about 4.6% between this June and July.

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China Mobile to invest CNY40 billion in NB-IoT networks
wtorek, 08 sierpnia 2017 08:33

China Mobile has kicked off an array of bidding projects, aiming to invest up to CNY40 billion (US$5.976 billion) to establish its NB-IoT network infrastructure, mainly for base stations and core IoT networks, in the next two years, according to the company roadmap. Under the roadmap, the company plans to set up 400,000 NB-IoT base stations in the two-year period, of which 145,000 will be built in 2017 with a total budget of CNY10 billion.

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Qualcomm the U.S. tech giant has rubbed shoulders with China’s tech aspirations
poniedziałek, 07 sierpnia 2017 18:19

This U.S. tech giant Qualcomm is helping big Chinese companies, one of which is Huawei to open doors in the overseas markets regarding China’s campaign of “Go Global” for developing giant multinational companies. Qualcomm is helping by supplying expertise, money, and engineering for a master plan of Beijing’s creation of its own superpowers in technology.

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June global semiconductor sales surge to RM140bil
poniedziałek, 07 sierpnia 2017 15:52

The US-based trade body announced on Saturday that the June sales rose 23.7% from June 2016’s sales of US$26.4bil. When compared with May, the sales were up 2% from US$32bil. The SIA, representing US leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, design, and research, said in the second quarter, global sales reached US$97.9bil - up 5.8% on-quarter and notching an increase of 23.7% in the previous corresponding quarter.

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SK to finalize LG Siltron acquisition soon to add wafer business
poniedziałek, 07 sierpnia 2017 13:34

As the SK Group is about to finalize the acquisition deal of silicon wafer producer LG Siltron, SK Hynix will get the wings and fly soon. SK needs to receive approval of the acquisition of LG Siltron in six countries - South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Europe, China and the United States - in order to close the deal of LG Siltron. However, the Chinese government has postponed giving the approval so far.

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AR/VR use cases proliferate
poniedziałek, 07 sierpnia 2017 11:09

The AR/VR market will double every year for the next five years going from $11.4 billion this year to $215 billion in 2021, says IDC, as use cases proliferate. This year, the US market will worth $3.2 billion, Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) $3 billion and Europe $2 billion.

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TSEC cooperates with DuPont in PV module technology
poniedziałek, 07 sierpnia 2017 08:37

By virtue of the cooperation, TSEC will adopt DuPont-developed Solamet PV conductive paste PV20A for PERC monocrystalline silicon cells with a maximum energy conversion rate of 21.5%, and DuPont-developed back planes using its Tedlar PVF thin-film process to construct modules.

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iPhone 8 mass production has reportedly started, device on track for regular September launch
niedziela, 06 sierpnia 2017 14:05

And according to the generally reliable leakster @OnLeaks, mass production of the device has already started. What this means is that the iPhone 8 is right on track for a September release. And if unsourced claims such as this one aren't really your thing, let Apple's own forecasts do the talking instead: the company is expecting to see a record 12% sequential growth the next quarter, which "effectively impl[ies] no iPhone launch delay."

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