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Fujitsu to build 37Petaflops supercomputer
poniedziałek, 09 października 2017 17:52

Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has giiven Fujitsu an order to build a 37 petaflops supercomputer costing $44.3 million, reports the Nikkei. It will be Japan’s fastest supercomputer 3x faster than the K computer at Riken which is Japan’s current fastest machine. The 37 petaflops computer will be installed at the AI research centre being built at Tokyo University. The machine will use 1,088 servers, 2,176 Intel CPUs and 4,352 Nvidia graphics processing units. AIST decided that a 37 petaflops machine is necessary to improve image recognition accuracy and make automated driving a reality.

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Huawei to focus on Indian market in bid to topple Samsung and Apple
poniedziałek, 09 października 2017 16:00

Chinese manufacturers Huawei are set to focus on the Indian market, according to Huawei India's CEO, Jay Chen. The company has reportedly identified the Indian market as one with potential for improving its global market share. Huawei's growth has been nothing short of meteoric, with the company's strong grip on the Chinese market ensuring that it was able to it snatch a place as the second largest smartphone company in the world over giants Apple. That position will, of course, be duly returned in the coming months, as Apple's launch of the iPhones last month ensures that its market share surpasses Huawei's once again. While Huawei may be a top dog globally, its prowess in the Indian market is lackluster at best, with manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Lenovo having a pseudo-monopoly of the market.

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Apple admits new iPhones have battery issues
poniedziałek, 09 października 2017 14:09

There were reports about the Apple’s latest iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are swelling up due to faulty batteries. There have been at least six cases from Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Although six isn’t a huge number, but it still alarms serious concerns considering what happened to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year. According to MacRumors, an Apple spokesperson has reportedly confirmed that the company is aware of the issue and is working for a solution. However, they are yet to identify the actual cause of the issue. Recently, there were reports of an iPhone 8 Plus bursting open. Pictures on the social media platform showed the iPhone 8 Plus model that appeared to have split along the edge. According to Taiwanese media, the owner claimed that the device cracked open while charging.

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BlackBerry Motion announced with 4000mAh battery, IP67 rating
poniedziałek, 09 października 2017 12:00

It's been an open secret that TCL has been working on another device for a fall launch. Dubbed 'Krypton', the phone was expected to eschew a hardware keyboard for a traditional 16:9 touchscreen, emphasizing BlackBerry's security prowess, stable software, and excellent battery life. That phone is now official. The phone will come to market as the BlackBerry Motion, and it resembles the popular KEYone in many ways. The 5.5-inch Full HD LCD display is pretty standard for this price range - the phone will debut for the equivalent of around $450 - while inside the Snapdragon 625 SoC is paired with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 4000mAh battery, and IP67 water resistance. There's also a 12MP rear camera with an f/2.0 aperture, an 8MP front-facing camera, and a front fingerprint sensor.

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Win Semiconductors reportedly enters iPhone X supply chain
poniedziałek, 09 października 2017 10:09

Win Semiconductors has reported consolidated revenues of NT$4.395 billion in the third quarter of 2017, surging 15.19% on quarter and 23.88% on year. The impressive growth was reportedly driven by the firm's indirect foray into the supply chain of Apple's iPhone X with its newly developed VCSEL component needed for dot projector in the 3D sensing modules. The firm's consolidated revenues hit a record monthly high of NT$1.608 billion in September, soaring 13.40% from a month earlier and 44.74% from a year ago. Its combined revenues for the first nine months of the year amounted to NT$11.481 billion, for an annual expansion of 10.45%.

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Researchers invent breakthrough millimeter-wave circulator IC
poniedziałek, 09 października 2017 07:50

Columbia Engineering researchers, led by Harish Krishnaswamy, associate professor of electrical engineering, in collaboration with Professor Andrea Alu’s group from UT-Austin, continue to break new ground in developing magnet-free non-reciprocal components in modern semiconductor processes. At the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference in February, Krishnaswamy’s group unveiled a new device: the first magnet-free non-reciprocal circulator on a silicon chip that operates at millimeter-wave frequencies. Following up on this work, in a paper published in Nature Communications, the team demonstrated the physical principles behind the new device. Most devices are reciprocal: signals travel in the same manner in forward and reverse directions.

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Adata sales soar on supply constraints, rising demand
niedziela, 08 października 2017 19:57

Adata Technology Co posted its strongest monthly revenue in almost four years, as a severe supply constraint coupled with improving demand boosted prices. Revenue last month surged 34.43 percent to NT$2.93 billion from NT$2.18 billion a year ago, the company said. On a monthly basis, it jumped 12.14 percent from NT$2.61 billion. DRAM modules accounted for 61.52 percent of the company’s revenue last month, NAND flash modules took 30 percent and other products made up the remainder. Revenue in the first nine months soared 51.89 percent annually to NT$24 billion, outpacing last year’s full-year sales of NT$23.22 billion. The supply crunch is likely to be exacerbated by rapidly rising DRAM demand from global data center operators, Adata said.

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Largan sees increased September revenues
niedziela, 08 października 2017 15:55

Smartphone lens module maker Largan Precision has reported consolidated revenues of NT$5.442 billion for September, increasing 8.61% sequentially and 9.87% on year to reach the highest monthly level so far in 2017. Of its September shipments, 10-megapixel and above models accounted for 70-80%, 8-megapixel 10-20%, 5-megapixel and others 0-10%. Largan posted consolidated revenues of NT$14.918 billion for the third quarter, growing 31.86% sequentially and 4.22% on year, and those of NT$37.039 billion for January-September rose 13.51% on year.

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SanDisk releases high-speed SD cards that can survive extreme temperatures
niedziela, 08 października 2017 11:58

SanDisk has released a series of high-speed SD cards that work in extreme climates, as first spotted by AnandTech. The cards, known as the Industrial line, work from below sub-zero temperatures through to *way* beyond Australian-summer searing hot. The Industrial cards come in SD and microSD formats. They’re designed to be used in industrial scenarios like in surveillance cameras, drones, factory automation, and network equipment. They also feature fast read and write times, meaning they’re capable of high bit-rate video streaming for applications like surveillance. The Industrial card also has an automatic read refresh feature that protects files on the flash storage from becoming corrupt.

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Commerzbank, other banks join UBS and IBM trade finance blockchain
niedziela, 08 października 2017 08:05

Commerzbank AG, Bank of Montreal, Erste Group Bank AG and CaixaBank SA have joined an initiative launched by UBS Group AG and IBM Corp aimed at building blockchain-based technology to support trade finance transactions. The platform called Batavia would help banks and their clients automate the trade finance process, which remains highly manual and paper-based, the participating companies said. In trade finance, banks provide funding and other services to importers and exporters to facilitate commerce. Among other things Batavia will allow parties to track a transaction from when a shipment leaves a port to when it reaches its destination.

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