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Princeton transmits and receives THz - with silicon ICs
piątek, 10 lutego 2017 20:08

According to researcher Kaushik Sengupta, the solution to shrinking THz components to chip size lies in re-imaging how an antenna functions. “Instead of directly reading the waves, we are interpreting the patterns created by the waves,” he said. “It is somewhat like looking for a pattern of raindrops by the ripples they make in a pond.”

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GlobalFoundries expands to meet worldwide customer demand
piątek, 10 lutego 2017 17:53

GlobalFoundries announced plans to expand its global manufacturing footprint in response to growing customer demand for its comprehensive and differentiated technology portfolio. The company is investing in its existing leading-edge fabs in the United States and Germany, expanding its footprint in China with a fab in Chengdu, and adding capacity for mainstream technologies in Singapore.

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Rethink's Sawyer robot just got a whole lot smarter
piątek, 10 lutego 2017 15:57

Rethink Robotics has made a massive upgrade to its Sawyer robots. Designed to help non-experts program routines that instruct the robot how to carry out complex tasks, the new Intera 5 software could help the company realize the potential of factory robots that are capable, safe, and easy to work with. At the heart of the new system is what Rethink’s founder and CTO Rodney Brooks calls the “behavior engine.”

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First organic CMOS image sensor with NIR light sensitivity
piątek, 10 lutego 2017 13:49

Panasonic Corporation announced that it has developed a new technology, electrical control of the near infrared light sensitivity of the same pixel in an organic CMOS image sensor. The sensitivity of all the pixels in the image sensor, which has directly stacked organic films, is simultaneously controlled by changing the applied voltage to the organic films.

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Compal Electronics ships 2.2 million notebooks in January
piątek, 10 lutego 2017 12:00

Compal Electronics shipped 2.2 million notebooks in January, declining 4.34% on year, and corresponding revenues dropped 8.56%, according to the company. Compal originally estimated the proportions of 2016 shipments for notebooks and desktops, and non-PC product lines at 70% and 30% respectively, but the ratio was actually 73:27.

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Penn researchers are among the first to grow a versatile 2-dimensional material
piątek, 10 lutego 2017 09:53

University of Pennsylvania researchers are now among the first to produce a single, three-atom-thick layer of a unique two-dimensional material called tungsten ditelluride. Unlike other two-dimensional materials, scientists believe tungsten ditelluride has what are called topological electronic states. This means that it can have many different properties not just one.

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Toshiba starts construction of Fab 6 and memory R&D center at Yokkaichi
piątek, 10 lutego 2017 07:48

Toshiba Corporation announced that it has started construction of a new state-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication facility, Fab 6, and a new R&D center, the Memory R&D Center, at Yokkaichi Operations in Mie prefecture, Japan, the company’s main memory production base. Fab 6 will be dedicated to production of BiCS FLASH, Toshiba's innovative 3D Flash memory.

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Fuji Electric, Fujitsu to reduce cross-shareholdings
czwartek, 09 lutego 2017 20:09

Fuji Electric will sell an 8.21% stake in former subsidiary Fujitsu as the two Japanese companies slash their cross-shareholdings in a bid to secure funds for future investments. The companies said that Fuji Electric will unload over 168.89 million shares in Fujitsu, including ones held by its pension trust fund, to overseas institutional investors through SMBC Nikko Securities. The offering price will be determined by Friday.

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Samsung factory fire triggered by discarded batteries
czwartek, 09 lutego 2017 18:00

Samsung just can't catch a break when it comes to batteries. The company reports that faulty lithium batteries and other waste products triggered a minor fire at a Samsung SDI factory in Tianjin on February 8th. No one was hurt, the company says, and it's largely business as usual at the plant. You won't have to worry about delays for the Galaxy S8, then. Even so, this definitely isn't the kind of news Samsung wanted to hear right now.

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Toshiba receives bids as high as $3.6 billion for chip business stake
czwartek, 09 lutego 2017 16:00

Toshiba Corp has received bids ranging from 200 billion yen to as much as 400 billion yen ($1.8-3.6 billion) for a 19.9 percent stake in its flash memory business, a person directly involved in the deal told Reuters. The Japanese conglomerate is seeking to raise around 300 billion yen from the sale, said the person, who was not authorized to speak with media and so declined to be identified.

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