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Optical device makers diversify product lines
wtorek, 01 sierpnia 2017 10:56

Digital camera ODMs Altek and Asia Optical and optical lens makers Kinko Optical and Ability Opto-Electronics Technology (AOET) have extended development and production to other product lines in a bid to drive business growth, according to industry sources.

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Flash killing HDD
wtorek, 01 sierpnia 2017 08:34

Flash dollars are growing at 55% a year while HDD  dollars are shrinking at 5% a year. Q2 NAND flash capacity shipped was about 35 exabytes for $13.2 billion. Q2 HDD capacity shipped was 159.5 exabytes for $5.7 billion.

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Chinese phone maker Xiaomi secured a $1 billion loan for its international and retail growth
poniedziałek, 31 lipca 2017 18:38

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi was granted a loan of $1 billion (£760 million) to expand its presence outside its home country and also to grow its retail business, according to a report from TechCrunch. 18 banks across Europe, the Middle East, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other parts of China have contributed to raise the money.

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Semiconductor Q2 exports jump fourfold in seven years
poniedziałek, 31 lipca 2017 16:04

South Korea’s semiconductor exports surged to record highs in the second quarter of this year, according to the Bank of Korea’s trade statistics Sunday. The country’s semiconductor export volume index hit 393.97, nearly four times the 100 benchmark in 2010. The export volume also marked a 20.2 percent increase compared to the second quarter of last year, when it stood at 327.86, and a 2.7 percent jump compared to the first quarter of this year.

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Samsung Replaces Intel As The Largest Chipmaker In The World
poniedziałek, 31 lipca 2017 13:43

Intel has been replaced by Samsung as the largest chipmaker in the world. Intel held the largest chipmaker position for last 24 years. In chip sales, Intel’s earnings were $14.76 billion while Samsung received revenue of $15.8 billion at the same time.

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Baidu 2Q17 net profit hikes 82.9% on year
poniedziałek, 31 lipca 2017 11:08

Baidu, the largest China-based search engine, has reported second-quarter 2017 consolidated revenues of CNY20.874 billion (US$3.079 billion), increasing 14.3% on year, adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortization) of CNY6.008 billion, up 41.4%, net operating profit of CNY4.210 billion, up 46.9%, and net profit of CNY4.415 billion, up 82.9%, according to the company.

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SD-WANs growing rapidly
poniedziałek, 31 lipca 2017 08:41

Software-defined wide area networks have only been commercially available for a few years but, according to IDC, worldwide SD-WAN infrastructure and services revenues will see a CAGR of 69.6% and reach $8.05 billion in 2021. The most significant driver of SD-WAN growth over the next five years will be digital transformation (DX) in which enterprises deploy 3rd Platform technologies, including cloud, big data and analytics, mobility, and social business, to unlock new sources of innovation and creativity that enhance customer experiences and improve financial performance.

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NXP and Amazon Web Services launch cooperation in IoT
niedziela, 30 lipca 2017 20:04

NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced it is working with Amazon Web Services, to successfully complete the integration of Amazon Greengrass on its Layerscape Intelligent Gateway platform. This integration provides efficient security support for edge computing and Internet-of-Things cloud interactions, enabling agile business delivery and world-class secure IoT access for homes, companies and other business environments.

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Sharp returns to first quarter profit on Foxconn's cost-cut drive, beats estimates
niedziela, 30 lipca 2017 16:04

Japan's Sharp Corp reported its third consecutive quarter of net profit, staying on track to achieve its first annual profit in four years following a cost-cutting drive under Taiwanese owner Foxconn. With a profit recovery firmly underway, Sharp is preparing to take the offensive to regain lost presence in electronics markets. It is expanding a sales drive of television sets in China and re-entering the Americas TV market with a high-end brand, as it aims to double global TV sales to over 10 million sets in the business year beginning April 2018.

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Innolux reports NT$12.1 billion in 2Q17 net profit
niedziela, 30 lipca 2017 11:59

Innolux has announced consolidated revenues of NT$84.5 billion and operating income of NT$15.8 billion for the second quarter of 2017. Net profit for the quarter reached NT$12.1 billion or NT$1.22 per share. Second-quarter's gross margin of 24.9% and operating margin of 18.7% were the company's highest-ever levels, owing to the company's deployment of smart manufacturing processes, according to company president Robert Hsiao.

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