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Commerzbank, other banks join UBS and IBM trade finance blockchain
niedziela, 08 października 2017 08:05

Commerzbank AG, Bank of Montreal, Erste Group Bank AG and CaixaBank SA have joined an initiative launched by UBS Group AG and IBM Corp aimed at building blockchain-based technology to support trade finance transactions. The platform called Batavia would help banks and their clients automate the trade finance process, which remains highly manual and paper-based, the participating companies said. In trade finance, banks provide funding and other services to importers and exporters to facilitate commerce. Among other things Batavia will allow parties to track a transaction from when a shipment leaves a port to when it reaches its destination.

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Android Wear section vanishes from Google Store
sobota, 07 października 2017 20:00

Android Wear isn't an especially popular platform these days, but plenty of people still use it - enough for Google to have released two new smartwatches, the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style, earlier this year. But just eight months after their release, the Android Wear page has disappeared from the Google Store's home page. And more interestingly, both the Watch Sport and Watch Style are now marked as "no longer available." A lot of stuff was introduced today: the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the Pixelbook, Home Max, Home Mini, Google Buds, Google Clips, and the new Daydream, and the Google Store got a bit of a redesign to freshen things up. However, it seems like the Android Wear page got lost in the shuffle - or did it?

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Apple Watch packs Q’comm LTE
sobota, 07 października 2017 15:54

Qualcomm supplied the LTE modem in the Apple Watch Series 3 as well as a handful of other wireless chips, according to a teardown from TechInsights. The latest watch appears to continue to push the boundaries of system-in-package design, packing a dozen major chips and dozens of discretes. The new watch uses the same size SiP as the existing device. However, the Series 3 clearly packs more components, TechInsights said. TechInsights found the Qualcomm MDM9635M, a Snapdragon X7 LTE modem in the 42mm sport band model A1861 with GPS + cellular it opened up. The same LTE chip appeared in the iPhone 6S/6S Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and other handsets.

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As Ford pushes into electric vehicles, U.S. union aims to save jobs
sobota, 07 października 2017 12:06

The United Auto Workers is talking with Ford Motor Co about ways to avoid layoffs as the No. 2 U.S. automaker builds more electric vehicles, a senior union official told Reuters. Ford told investors it planned to slash $14 billion in costs over the next five years and shift investments away from internal combustion engines and sedans to develop more trucks, plus electric and hybrid cars. “We’ve been doing our due diligence to find out how much it means to us,” UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles, head of the union’s Ford department said in a telephone interview. “We put them on notice early on that we want to be part of this process.” “Up to this point they have been agreeable that it’s in the best interest of the company and also our members for us to be part of the process,” he added.

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NSP, SAS, Giga Solar see September revenues rise
sobota, 07 października 2017 08:03

Solar cell maker Neo Solar Power, solar wafer provider Sino-American Silicon Products and PV conductive paste supplier Giga Solar Materials have reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.049 billion (US$34.6 million), NT$5.663 billion and NT$1.002 billion respectively for September, all increasing sequentially and on year. NSP's September consolidated revenues grew 40.09% sequentially and 1.01% on year; SAS's hit a record for the second consecutive month with increases of 9.31% sequentially and 149.93% on year; and Giga Solar's rose 30.86% and 21.17% respectively. NSP posted consolidated revenues of NT$2.467 billion for third-quarter 2017, increasing 11.18% sequentially but decreasing 17.18% on year, and those of NT$6.849 billion for January-September dipped 48.84% on year.

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Bain hoping to settle with Western Digital on Toshiba deal
piątek, 06 października 2017 20:03

The investment fund heading the consortium that plans to buy Toshiba Corp's memory chip business said Thursday it will try to reach a speedy settlement with Western Digital, the U.S. joint venture partner of Toshiba that is opposing the sale. Yuji Sugimoto, the Japan head of Bain Capital, said the 2 trillion yen ($18 billion) deal Toshiba agreed to last month with a consortium led by Bain will go ahead despite Western Digital's efforts to stop it through litigation. He told reporters at a Tokyo hotel that Western Digital remains an important partner, and a speedy resolution will benefit both sides. He declined to elaborate, saying litigation was ongoing. "Even partners may develop differences," Sugimoto said.

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TrendForce finds x86 processors continues to corner server market this year
piątek, 06 października 2017 17:50

DRAMeXchange estimates that 96% of all server CPUs shipped worldwide this year will be based on the x86 architecture. On the other hand, the ARMv8 architecture is expected to represent only around 1% of the total annual shipments of server CPUs. The market growth of ARMv8 products is constrained by their limited applications within the server market and the high degree of customization necessary for the development of solutions. In the x86 server CPU market, Intel is projected to capture 99% of the total annual shipments for this year. By contrast, AMD’s shipment share is estimated at just 1%.

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China approves HP's $1.1 billion buy of Samsung's printer business with curbs
piątek, 06 października 2017 16:08

China said it has approved HP Inc’s $1.1 billion purchase of Samsung Electronics’ printer business with certain restrictions, citing concerns about the U.S. firm’s dominance of the domestic laser printer market. HP announced the deal in September 2016, hoping to disrupt the $55 billion copier market by focusing on multifunction printers and more deeply embedding mobile and cloud printing technologies to its product solutions. It hoped at the time to close the transaction within 12 months, pending regulatory review. In a statement issued late on Thursday, the Ministry of Commerce said sale of A4 format laser printers by HP in China should be done on “fair and reasonable” terms and the firm must report every six months on their prices and related data to the ministry.

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Solar leads the charge in another record year for renewables
piątek, 06 października 2017 14:03

Boosted by a strong solar PV market, renewables accounted for almost two-thirds of net new power capacity around the world in 2016, with almost 165 gigawatts coming online. This was another record year, largely as a result of booming solar PV deployment in China and around the world, driven by sharp cost reductions and policy support. Last year, new solar PV capacity around the world grew by 50%, reaching over 74 GW, with China accounting for almost half of this expansion. For the first time, solar PV additions rose faster than any other fuel, surpassing the net growth in coal. This deployment was accompanied by the announcement of record-low auction prices as low as 3 cents per kilowatt hour.

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Asustek cutting notebook outsourcing to BYD and Wistron for 2018
piątek, 06 października 2017 11:55

Asustek Computer is planning to reduce the proportions of notebook orders given to BYD and Wistron for 2018 and will increase those to Pegatron and Quanta Computer to improve product quality and time to market. However, the notebook ODMs all declined to comment on specific orders or clients. The sources pointed out that Asustek's cooperation with BYD and Wistron has not gone smoothly and therefore the Taiwan-based vendor is considering reassigning some orders to other partners. Since Asustek has adopted an e-bidding system for its RFQ processes for its notebook orders, China-based suppliers can easily become candidates by offering low quotes. However, Asustek would still meet each supplier to evaluate their competence, the sources said.

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