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Toshiba announces TR200 retail SATA SSDs with 3D NAND
niedziela, 30 lipca 2017 07:54

Toshiba has announced their first retail SSDs to use 3D NAND. The new TR200 series will use Toshiba's 64-layer BiCS3 3D TLC NAND, the first generation of their 3D NAND flash technology to be suitable for mainstream mass-market use. The TR200 series is the successor to the OCZ Trion 100 and Trion 150 SSDs, the latter of which was renamed TR150 when Toshiba began assimilating the OCZ brand identity. The TR200 series will not bear the OCZ name, but Toshiba is not completely abandoning the OCZ brand.

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QLC NAND takes storage to the next level
sobota, 29 lipca 2017 20:00

Triple-level-cell NAND is the mainstay for high-capacity flash storage. Storing three bits per cell boosts the amount of information that can be handled by a single chip. However, there are tradeoffs: A cell can handle only so many writes, and packing more data into a cell - and chip - increases the number of errors. FEC technology, though, along with other flash-management support, helps improve system reliability. The technology continues to advance, as one of the hot topics at the Flash Memory Summit will be 4-bit QLC NAND flash.

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AMD reports net loss of US$16 million for 2Q17
sobota, 29 lipca 2017 15:57

AMD has announced second-quarter 2017 revenues of US$1.22 billion, operating income of US$25 million, and net loss of US$16 million, or negative US$0.02 per share. On a non-GAAP basis, operating income was US$49 million, net income was US$19 million, and earnings per share came to US$0.02. On a GAAP basis, revenues in the second quarter were up 19% on-year to reach US$1.22 billion, driven by higher revenues in the Computing and Graphics segment.

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Nokia profits surge after Apple deal and network gains
sobota, 29 lipca 2017 12:04

Network equipment maker Nokia reported a jump in profit thanks to a patent deal with Apple and gains in market share though it warned the network business could slow by more than expected this year. Nokia's shares rose 5.5 percent by 0820 GMT after it posted second-quarter operating profit of 574 million euros ($674 million), up 73 percent from a year ago and well above analysts' average forecast of 447 million euros in a Reuters poll.

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Optical processing glass integrated with CMOS
sobota, 29 lipca 2017 07:59

Australian scientists are combining high-speed chalcogenide glass optical processing with silicon CMOS. “We integrated a novel non-linear glass into an industrially scalable CMOS compatible platform. We maintained the key advantages of both the silicon and the glass, and made a functional and efficient ultra-compact optical circuit,” said Dr Alvaro Casas Bedoya. It will allow multiple functions to be integrated in a single chip with active and passive components, such as broadband microwave detectors and modulators.

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Intel lifts forecasts as driverless tech, AI add to PC gains
piątek, 28 lipca 2017 20:03

Chipmaker Intel Corp raised its full-year revenue and profit forecasts on higher expectations for its mainstay personal computer business and growth in newer areas such as artificial intelligence and autonomous driving. Shares of the world's largest chipmaker, which also beat second-quarter estimates, were up 1.3 percent in after-hours trading on Thursday. Intel has been grappling with a declining PC industry it helped found and has been pushing into making chips that power data centers and also into autonomous vehicle technology.

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UMC breaks into 14nm
piątek, 28 lipca 2017 18:01

United Microelectronics Corp. has started its first production of 14nm products, narrowing a technology gap with its larger competitors such as TSMC and Samsung. UMC said that, during the second quarter this year, 14nm accounted for 1 percent of its total revenue for the first time. In the meantime, the company slashed its 2017 capital expenditure budget to $1.7 billion from the $2 billion it had earmarked earlier this year. UMC’s capex for 2016 was $2.8 billion.

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LG revenues grow to $12.89 billion despite mobile trouble
piątek, 28 lipca 2017 15:55

LG has reported revenue growth almost across the board for the second quarter of 2017, posting a quarterly operating income of $588.2 million. 13.6% higher than the previous year’s result, LG say the strong result was led by the home appliance unit’s increase of 12% in sales over the 2016 second quarter of 2016. Accounting for the largest share of the second quarter’s revenue and operating income, LG expect to see growing demand in North America, Europe and Asia driven by premium home appliances.

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Xiaomi gains new $1 billion loan to drive retail push, expansion overseas
piątek, 28 lipca 2017 14:05

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc said it had signed a deal for a new $1 billion loan to accelerate its drive into brick-and-mortar stores and help a push overseas. The three-year syndicated loan comes as China's tech giants look to diversify their businesses as e-commerce growth slows, with rivals from Baidu Inc to Alibaba pushing into new areas from cloud computing to artificial intelligence. It follows a three-year $1 billion syndicated loan in 2014.

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Apple granted license to test 5G wireless broadband
piątek, 28 lipca 2017 11:51

You can add Apple to the long and growing list of companies conducting millimeter wave broadband trials as 5G broadband looms on the horizon. The FCC just approved the company's application for an experimental license to test millimeter wave technology in two locations near the company's offices in Milpitas, California. The application makes particular reference to using the 28 and 39 GHz bands, which the FCC approved for commercial use for 5G services last year.

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