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Pure-play foundries boosting their presence in China
piątek, 06 października 2017 10:05

With the rise of fabless IC companies in China, demand for foundry services in that country has also increased. IC Insights’ listing of the top pure-play foundries and their sales to China in 2016 and a forecast for 2017. In total, pure-play foundry sales in China are expected to jump by 16% this year to about $7.0 billion, more than double the rate of increase for the total pure-play foundry market. Only about 10% of TSMC’s sales are forecast to go into China in 2017, yet the company is expected to hold the largest share of the China foundry market this year with a 46% share, up two percentage points from 2016. The Chinese foundry market represented 11% of the total pure-play foundry market in 2015, 12% in 2016, and is forecast to hold a 13% share this year.

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Power semiconductor sales rebounded in 2016 and will continue to grow through 2021
piątek, 06 października 2017 07:53

Global power semiconductor revenues grew year-over-year by 3.9 percent in 2016, reversing a 4.8 percent decline in 2015, according to a recent report from business information provider IHS Markit. All categories of power semiconductors (power discretes, power modules, and power integrated circuits) were up for the year, with the discretes market seeing the biggest jump. Sales in all regions increased, with China revenues topping the list. IHS Markit expects the market to grow by 7.5 percent in 2017, to $38.3 bill and achieve yearly increases through 2021.

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Japan Display seeks $900 million for new OLED production method
czwartek, 05 października 2017 20:01

A Japan Display Inc group firm aims to raise $900 million to mass produce OLED panels using new technology that will slash costs, a source familiar with the matter said - plans that sent shares in the Apple Inc supplier surging 24 percent. Display makers are looking at mass producing organic light-emitting diode screens with a lower-cost printing process and if Japan Display was first, that could help it catch up with South Korean rivals after long being a laggard in OLED technology. Its affiliate, JOLED, which is majority owned by a state-backed fund, has been working towards using the technology to start mass production of medium-sized screens for medical equipment monitors in late 2018 or early 2019.

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Lite-On Tech books asset impairment of NT$6.98 billion
czwartek, 05 października 2017 18:01

EMS provider Lite-On Technology has announced the recognition of asset impairment of NT$6.98 billion (US$230 million) according to IAS 36 for its Mobile Mechanic Business Group. The asset impairment consists of intangible asset impairment of NT$5.17 billion in goodwill and tangible asset impairment of NT$1.81 billion in production equipment based on actual utilization of production capacity, Lite-On said. Since the asset impairment incurs no cash outflow, there is no negative impact on working capital, it indicated. The impairment in goodwill is due to acquisition of Finland-based handset casing maker Perlos in 2007 because Lite-On was then a major supplier of handset-use components for Nokia, company CEO Warren Chen said.

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Global foundry industry to see 6% CAGR in 2017-2022
czwartek, 05 października 2017 16:06

The production value of the global foundry industry is expected to grow by a CAGR of 6% to reach US$74.66 billion in 2022, the final year of a five-year forecast period, driven by the still growing - albeit at a slower pace - smartphone industry, an increase in the number of ICs used in each smartphones and rising demand for advanced processes. Additionally, the markets for IoT, AR/VR, automobile electronics and high performance PC products all are likely to begin with a phase of high growth during the period from 2017-2022, accelerating the growth momentum of the global foundry industry, Digitimes Research believes.

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Flexible display shipments will increase to 643M units annually by 2022
czwartek, 05 października 2017 14:00

According to a new report from Tractica, the four leading technologies in flexible displays are LED, LCD, OLED, and e-paper, and the main applications for these technologies are phones and tablets, wearables, shelving labels, signage, automotive dashboards, appliance control panels, TV and video displays, smart cards, e-writers, and e-readers. The market intelligence firm forecasts that flexible display shipments will increase from 169.9 million units in 2017 to 642.6 million units annually by 2022. “The effect of flexible and conformable displays will be transformational,” says senior analyst Wil McCarthy. “They will literally change the appearance and function of our personal devices, our vehicles, our homes, and the built environment.”

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Team builds flexible new platform for high-performance electronics
czwartek, 05 października 2017 11:57

A team of University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers has created the most functional flexible transistor in the world - and with it, a fast, simple and inexpensive fabrication process that’s easily scalable to the commercial level. It’s an advance that could open the door to an increasingly interconnected world, enabling manufacturers to add “smart,” wireless capabilities to any number of large or small products or objects - like wearable sensors and computers for people and animals - that curve, bend, stretch and move. Transistors are ubiquitous building blocks of modern electronics. The UW-Madison group’s advance is a twist on a two-decade-old industry standard: a BiCMOS thin-film transistor, which combines two very different technologies - and speed, high current and low power dissipation in the form of heat and wasted energy - all on one surface.

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Monthly semiconductor sales reach $35B globally for first time in August
czwartek, 05 października 2017 09:55

The SIA announced worldwide sales of semiconductors reached $35.0 billion for the month of August 2017, an increase of 23.9 percent compared to the August 2016 total of $28.2 billion and 4.0 percent more than the July 2017 total of $33.6 billion. All major regional markets posted both year-to-year and month-to-month increases in August, and the Americas market led the way with growth of 39.0 percent year-to-year and 8.8 percent month-to-month. “Global semiconductor sales were up significantly in August, increasing year-to-year for the thirteenth consecutive month and reaching $35 billion for the first time,” said John Neuffer, president and CEO, Semiconductor Industry Association.

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Google launches new phones and other gadgets in hardware push
czwartek, 05 października 2017 07:54

Google continued its push into hardware and its battle for market share against Apple, Amazon and Samsung with the release of new phones, virtual-assistance devices, a computer and a standalone camera. The suite of products represents integration of artificial intelligence, hardware and software, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said. After launching its first house-made phone, the Pixel, a year ago, Google announced two new versions, the Pixel 2 with a 5-inch screen, starting at $649 and the Pixel 2 XL with a 6-inch screen, starting at $849. The new Pixels, like the newer iPhones, have no headphone jack - they come with an adapter for plugging in headphones. Water- and dust-resistant, the phones are available for pre-order now, and are scheduled to ship and hit stores Oct. 19.

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STMicroelectronics and Objenious collaborate to speed connection of IoT Nodes to LoRa Networks
środa, 04 października 2017 20:08

STMicroelectronics and Objenious are working together to accelerate the connection of Internet-of-Things nodes to LoRa networks. ST’s development kits certified on the Objenious network are available now, greatly reducing R&D effort and time to market in the creation of new LoRa devices. LoRAWAN is a Low Power Wide Area Network based on LoRa technology that is opening up a world of possibilities to create networks of connected devices ideal to address a broad range of IoT applications. The benefits of LoRa especially suit applications where nodes have limited power capability, can be difficult to access, and data transfers don’t require high bandwidth. LoRa can, thus, target a wide spectrum of applications such as tracking, proactive maintenance, and many others.

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