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High Frequency Buck Converter to Save Space and Increase Efficiency
czwartek, 01 kwietnia 2010 07:02

Operating at a fixed switching frequency of 1.4Mhz, the AP5100 also enables a reduction in the overall size of external components, particularly the inductor. With its low series on-resistance power MOSFET switch, the converter is capable of delivering a constant current output of up to 1.2A at 90% efficiency over a wide input supply range, from 4.75V to 24V. The output is adjustable via a resistor divider, from 0.81V to 15V.

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Microchip Enables Easy Development of Accessories for iPod and iPhone With Kits and Software
środa, 31 marca 2010 19:24

Microchip announced three development kits that enable the rapid design of accessories for iPod and iPhone using Microchip’s vast portfolio of PIC® microcontrollers. The kits provide examples of the hardware and software required to implement applications, such as digital-audio sound systems, docking stations and a multitude of new accessories that can leverage the infrastructure for iPod and iPhone.

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Operational Amplifier Brings Low Power Consumption to Portable and Consumer Designs
środa, 31 marca 2010 17:39

This operational amplifier, the FAN4931, offers design flexibility with its common mode voltage range extending beyond the positive and negative rails, providing designers with added flexibility. The product operates from 2.5V to 5V, accommodating the needs of sensor interfaces, disc drives, cell phones, GPS devices, MP3 players and a wide spectrum of portable and consumer products.

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Lowest Power, 16-Bit, 80Msps ADC Reduces Noise in Data Conversion Systems
środa, 31 marca 2010 16:07

The LTC2259-16 provides a pin-compatible upgrade to the existing LTC2259-14 family of 14-bit low power ADCs, offering the lowest power dissipation for a single 16-bit ADC with double data rate (DDR) CMOS/LVDS outputs. In addition to offering significantly lower power, the LTC2259-16 integrates two useful features for reducing digital feedback, including alternate bit polarity (ABP) mode and a data output randomizer.

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Miniature High Linearity Wireless Data Power Amplifiers for WiMAX and WiFi Applications
środa, 31 marca 2010 14:42

This PA series features high linear Pout for good linearity and low distortion, high power added efficiency (PAE), as well as input and output pre-match for matching and application simplicity. Avago’s MGA-43x28 PA module series, which are housed in a miniature 5 by 5 by 0.85 mm package, are ideal for use as a final stage PA in a wide range of high power WiMAX, WLAN and LTE applications which operate in the 2300 to 2700MHz spectrum.

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WLED driver with PWM-controllable boost maximizes power efficiency
środa, 31 marca 2010 13:02

Capable of driving up to six LEDs in series, the boost converter allows PWM control of the boost voltage to maximize power efficiency. The I²C-programmable, 10-bit PWM signal enables 1024 levels of WLED intensity, thus providing precise control over display brightness.

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Global chip market shrank 10% in '09: Gartner
środa, 31 marca 2010 10:53

Gartner reports total revenues of $228.4 billion (€168.9 billion) in 2009 were down $26.8 billion on 2008, but says better-than-expected sales during 2H09 have positioned the market for a potential return to growth in 2010.

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Wolfson Microelectronics' World-Leading Power Management Solution Selected by ZiiLABS
środa, 31 marca 2010 09:05

Wolfson Microelectronics plc has announced that ZiiLABS has selected its WM8352, power management IC with integrated stereo codec, for inclusion on its ZMS-08 System Module and Zii Development Kit.The Zii Development Kit is a universal hardware and software platform for the evaluation and rapid development of handheld and embedded products based on the ZiiLABS ZMS media-rich applications processor family.

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SDRAM prices surge on rising demand
środa, 31 marca 2010 07:34

In addition to the tight market for commodity DRAM chips, supply of specialty DRAM (SDRAM) parts is also falling short of demand, according to industry sources. Prices for 512Mbit DDR, a key part for multi-chip package (MCP) memory products used mainly in mobile handsets, have risen over 40% in the past month due to tight supply.

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Compact 120W MIL-spec DC-DC converter in 12V and 15V output versions
wtorek, 30 marca 2010 19:45

Roband Electronics has launched a compact military specification DC-DC converter in 12V and 15V output versions providing a power output of 120W from a package measuring just 76.3 x 38.2 x 10.2mm.

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