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STMicroelectronics Enables Economical ‘Zapper’ Set-Top Boxes for Worldwide Digital-TV Access
sobota, 09 stycznia 2010 17:23

STMicroelectronics has introduced a single-chip demodulator/decoder for Internet-TV, terrestrial or cable set-top boxes, to increase accessibility to digital television in growing markets such as China, India, Latin America and African territories, as well as countries where analog switch-off is ongoing. The STi7167 enables entry-level ‘zapper’ boxes using fewer components, saving bill-of-materials and assembly costs.


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Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Power Supply
sobota, 09 stycznia 2010 09:03

Linear Technology announces the LTC3588-1, a complete energy harvesting solution optimized for low energy sources, including piezoelectric transducers. The LTC3588-1 integrates a low-loss, full-wave bridge rectifier with a high efficiency buck converter to harvest ambient vibrational energy via piezoelectric transducers and then convert it to a well-regulated output to power application microcontrollers, sensors, data converters and wireless transmission components. The LTC3588-1 operates from an input voltage range of 2.7V to 20V, making it ideal for a wide array of piezoelectric transducers, as well other high output impedance energy sources.


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Maxim introduced DC-DC controller offers a rugged solution for industrial equipment
piątek, 08 stycznia 2010 16:12

Maxim Integrated Productsintroduces the MAX15046, a 40V-input DC-DC controller that integrates rugged protection features to ensure reliable operation in even the harshest operating environments. This robust device is well suited for industrial power supplies, PLCs (programmable logic controllers), CNC (computer numerical control) systems, industrial computers, and base stations.


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Qualcomm adds AMD spinoff GlobalFoundries to manufacturing roster
piątek, 08 stycznia 2010 10:38

Qualcomm has named GlobalFoundries as the latest company in its multi-foundry approach to manufacturing. The AMD spinoff will initially provide Qualcomm with access to leading-edge 45nm low power and 28nm low power technologies with an intended collaboration on future advanced process nodes.


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LG launches 120MW line for solar cells, modules
czwartek, 07 stycznia 2010 16:09

LG Electronics is readying to launch a new crystalline silicon solar cell production line in Gumi, about 200km southeast of Seoul, South Korea, with 120MW capacity and projected annual output of ~500K solar modules. A second line will follow in 2011, doubling output to 240MW, with an investment of $220M. The operation will be managed by LG's "air conditioning" company, which has a background in managing energy resources and "developing environmentally responsible solutions for homes and businesses," the company noted in a statement.


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China market: Mobile phone user base increases to over 738 million in November 2009
czwartek, 07 stycznia 2010 09:57

There were 738.57 million subscribers of mobile communication services in China as of the end of November 2009, growing by 1.24% on month and by 16.52% on year, according to statistics published by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The number of subscribers accounted for 54.3% of the country's population (user density). In the same month, China's mobile phone subscribers sent 62.08 billion short messages, averaging 2.82 messages per phone number a day.


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November chip sales up 27.5% on a year ago
środa, 06 stycznia 2010 15:52

November's global market for semiconductors was $21.63 billion, according to "actual" data from the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization. This was slightly down on the upwardly revised figure for October of $22.19 billion, but exceeded the November 2008 actual sales figure of $16.96 billion by 27.5 percent.


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Simultaneous-sampling ADC provides "true" 16-bit performance for polyphase power-grid designs
środa, 06 stycznia 2010 10:41

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX11046, an 8-channel, 16-bit simultaneous-sampling ADC. An unique architecture (patent pending) provides an ultra-low-noise, on-chip, negative supply voltage. The high impedance input eliminates precision external buffers on each channel, while the bipolar input saves a level shifter. Furthermore, simultaneous sampling eases the typical requirement for phase-adjust firmware and thus speeds end designs and time to market. Together these benefits simplify the design challenges for power-grid monitoring and measurement equipment while also providing unprecedented performance, and saving cost, area and power.


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Knitter-switch cuts lead times for toggle and pushbutton switch ranges
wtorek, 05 stycznia 2010 18:01

Continuing its policy of continuous improvement, knitter-switch has entirely redesigned its popular MT and MP families of toggle and pushbutton switches. In doing so, knitter-switch has not only made significant improvements to the component parts of the switches, but has also optimized the production process allowing the company to reduce the lead times for standard switches by two-thirds. Even customer specific special variants can be supplied in just six to eight weeks.


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New Linear step-down switching regulator with 1.2 A output
wtorek, 05 stycznia 2010 12:03

Linear Technology has announced the LT3663, a 1.2A, 1.5MHz monolithic current mode step-down switching regulator with a programmable output current limit. Its wide operating input voltage of 7.5V to 36V makes the LT3663 ideal for a variety of input sources, including unregulated 12V wall adapters, 24V industrial supplies, Fire Wire, as well as automotive applications. Onboard input overvoltage lockout protects the device through input transients as high as 60V, such as those commonly found in automotive applications.


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