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SolarMagic Power Optimizer Wins Renewable Energy Design Award at 2009 Elektra Awards
piątek, 04 grudnia 2009 16:41

National Semiconductor today announced that the company's SolarMagic power optimizer received the renewable energy design award at the 7th annual Elektra Awards, on Tuesday, 1st December. Electronics Weekly and a panel of industry experts recognised National's innovative design for its achievement in increasing the energy output and system effectiveness of solar arrays when challenged with real-world conditions.

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NI Delivers Windows 7 Support for Engineers and Scientists
piątek, 04 grudnia 2009 14:56

National Instruments today announced software and hardware compatibility with Windows 7, the latest operating system from Microsoft, to help engineers and scientists attain faster performance and higher throughput within their applications. Engineers and scientists who are considering upgrading to the latest computer hardware can take advantage of several new features in the new operating system. This release, which includes performance and usability enhancements, provides a smooth upgrade experience and improves the environment for hardware and software compatibility, making it ideal for measurement and workstation applications.

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ST-Ericsson to lay off 600 staff worldwide
piątek, 04 grudnia 2009 12:48

Chip maker ST-Ericsson said Thursday it plans to cut around 600 jobs worldwide as part of a move to save $115 million a year. The joint venture between Swedish wireless equipment firm LM Ericsson AB and Swiss chipmaker STMicroelectronics said it will "conduct a global work force review." It said it will announce further details of the layoffs and which countries will be affected after it has been in contact with the related unions.

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Freescale - Simplified embedded development with advanced platform
piątek, 04 grudnia 2009 11:02

The advanced peripheral modules offer developers 802.11b Wi-Fi and rapid prototyping functionality. The newest MCU modules support Freescale's MCF5225X 32-bit ColdFire MCU and MC9S08LL64 8-bit MCU. "With the addition of these advanced modules for Freescale's Tower System, we are providing designers, students and hobbyists an affordable development system that's modular and expandable," said Aiden Mitchell, director of Freescale's Industrial and Multi-Market Microcontroller business.

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Dual SCART ICs save power in set-top boxes
piątek, 04 grudnia 2009 08:57

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9670/MAX9671, +3.3V dual SCART solutions with audio volume control for set-top boxes and A/V receivers that have two SCART connectors. These devices utilize power-saving technologies to achieve the industry's lowest power consumption. Though competing dual SCART devices require +5V and +12V supplies, the MAX9670/MAX9671 operate audio and video circuitry from +3.3V and only require +12V for the slow-switching signal.

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Agilent completes RF acquisition from Keithley
piątek, 04 grudnia 2009 07:18

Agilent Technologies has completed its acquisition of most of Keithley Instruments' RF product line. Keithley Instruments agreed to the sale last month. The impact of the downturn across the test business has prompted keithley to focus on growing our core business. “The impact of the economic downturn changed the expected timing of the returns we were anticipating from our RF product line, extending them beyond a time-frame that we were willing to continue to support," said Joseph P. Keithley, the company’s chairman, president and CEO.

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Monitor panel prices may lift in December
czwartek, 03 grudnia 2009 20:21

LCD monitor panel prices will stabilize or increase slightly in December as retail channels have started to replenish their inventories, according to industry sources. Monitor panel prices have already dropped below costs, leaving little room for further declines and prompting clients to rebuild their inventories, which are now at low levels, the sources noted. The monitor market did not see significant growth in the third quarter amid strong demand for notebooks. Monitor inventories in the end-markets were high, resulting in weak demand and price declines for monitor panels.

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HTC joins defensive patent pool
czwartek, 03 grudnia 2009 18:29

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corp. has become the twentieth company to join startup RPX Corp. , a defensive patent pool service started a year ago. The fast rise of the startup is a sign the hunger to lower costs and risks of patent infringement litigation is still keen among established electronics companies.RPX acquires patents and provides rights to members which pay annual fees ranging from $35,000 to $4.9 million depending on company size. Members include Cisco Systems, Coby Electronics Corp., HP, IBM, InFocus Corp., LG Electronics, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Seiko-Epson and Sony.

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Motorola invests in French touch technology firm
czwartek, 03 grudnia 2009 16:34

Motorola's venture capital arm has invested in French multi-touch technology firm Sensitive Object. Sensitive Object is a spin-off from the French Science National Research Centre (CNRS). It was created in October 2003 with a patent-protected technology capable of what it called "tactilising" any surface. "This unique software technology leverages acoustics to analyse sound waves departing from the point of a touch to precisely and cost-effectively transform any product into a touch device," said Sensitive Object. The French firm's Anywhere MultiTouch platform extends this tactilisation to any surface of a device allowing for virtual controls and next generation user-interfaces.

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Soitec and CEA-Leti add 3D IC integration process customization for prototype demonstration
czwartek, 03 grudnia 2009 14:49

In an effort to reduce the learning cycles for customers attempting 3D IC integration, Soitec and long-term partner CEA-Leti plan to offer customized solutions for prototype work on both 200mm and 300mm wafers, which will include the necessary licensing. “Leveraging Leti's 3D expertise and our well known bonding industrial experience, we can offer customers prototyping solutions as well as the processes they'll need for rapid ramp to full-scale production,” noted André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé, Soitec President and CEO.

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