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Qimonda sells off holdings, no big solution in sight
piątek, 26 czerwca 2009 09:11

Currently, 2035 former Qimonda employees have been transferred to a job creation company where they have the opportunity for professional training — and to seek a new job. According to sources near the company, hitherto only about 200 of them have already signed a new contract. In the meantime, the insolvency process is continuing. While a "big solution" is still on the table, at least officially, insolvency administrator Michael Jaffé already has started to sell Qimonda's major holdings.

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World's lowest power and smallest FPGAs
piątek, 26 czerwca 2009 07:10

Mouser stock includes Actel's IGLOO nano FPGAs, which are the lowest power, smallest size FPGAs in the world. Designed for high-volume applications where power and size are key decision criteria, they are ideal ASIC or ASSP replacements, yet retain the historical FPGA advantages of flexibility and quick time-to-market in low-power and small footprint profiles, says the company.

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Open air deposition of zinc oxide transistors
czwartek, 25 czerwca 2009 21:15

Kodak has developed a fast, printing-like process to fabricate high-performance zinc oxide (ZnO) transistors in open atmospheric conditions. ZnO-based devices can be made using a variety of techniques, including sputtering, pulsed laser deposition, solution process methods (e.g. printing) and atomic layer deposition.

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Eutecus, Inc. Releases MVE Evaluation Kit 2.0 with Graphical User Interface
czwartek, 25 czerwca 2009 19:31

Eutecus, Inc. has released a new version of its Multi-core Video Analytics Engine (MVE(TM)) Evaluation Kit, featuring an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface, among other improvements. MVE is the first solution to enable embedding an entire high-performance video analytics event detection application on a single low-cost FPGA, the Spartan 3A DSP from Xilinx.

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Report: Recession hits nanotech food chain
czwartek, 25 czerwca 2009 17:58

The economic downturn is draining demand in several nano-enabled product market segments, and is eroding growth along the entire value chain, from nanointermediates to nanomaterials. According to Lux Research's latest report, total revenues from products incorporating nanotechnology should still reach $2.5 trillion in 2015, but that signals a 21 percent drop from earlier projections.

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Samsung and Numonyx work on fast flash technology
czwartek, 25 czerwca 2009 16:02

Samsung Electronics and Numonyx are to jointly develop market specifications for Phase Change Memory (PCM) devices aimed at high-end handsets. The reason why firms are looking at phase change memory is that they claim it has potential for fast read and write speeds at lower power than conventional NOR and NAND flash memory. It also allows for bit alterability normally seen in RAM.

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Farnell - Robust power / signal connector
czwartek, 25 czerwca 2009 14:34

Mix-Tek Datamate connectors feature mixed layouts of power (up to 20A) and low frequency signal (3A) rated parts. The robust design of the connectors makes them ideal for use in applications that are subject to high levels of vibration and shock. An operating temperature range of -55C to +125C also makes them suitable for applications exposed to extremes of temperature.

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Microcontroller Offers Performance and Flexibility For Price Sensitive Industrial Applications
czwartek, 25 czerwca 2009 12:35

Sun Microsystems has started porting its OpenSolaris operating system on to ARM processor cores, targeting mobile, handheld and embedded applications, on the heels of being made available on Sparc processors targeting mainframes and servers. Sun outlined its plans for the latest OpenSoalris version 2009.06 earlier this month.

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Xilinx Accelerates Development of Next-Generation Systems
czwartek, 25 czerwca 2009 11:07

Xilinx (Nasdaq: XLNX) today released the Xilinx Base Targeted Design Platform aimed at accelerating the development of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions with Xilinx(R) Virtex(R)-6 and Spartan(R)-6 field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). 

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Europe to lose photovoltaics leadership, warns Frost & Sullivan
czwartek, 25 czerwca 2009 09:12

The U.S. and China will soon pass Europe as the leading photovoltaics region. The factors determining these market dynamics will be price pressure and, in the case of the USA, political support for renewable energies, market researcher Frost & Sullivan finds. "When it comes to solar cells and modules, the Asian vendors are expanding aggressively," said Frost & Sullivan Green Energy Research Manager Alina Bakhareva.

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