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Lechpol uhonorowany nagrodą "Gazele Biznesu"

wtorek, 22 marca 2011 11:05

Lechpol już po raz kolejny z rzędu otrzymał tytuł Gazeli Biznesu 2010. Konkurs ma na celu wyłonienie najaktywniej funkcjonujących marek spośród ponad 25 tys. przedsiębiorstw mających decydujący wpływ na stan gospodarki i poziom życia Polaków.


World News 24h

sobota, 21 października 2017 11:54

STMicroelectronics is delivering the technology for easy and secure contactless transactions using the ever more popular wristbands or fashionwear like watches or jewelry. The market-unique ST53G System-in-Package solution combines the Company’s industry-leading expertise in Near Field Communication and secure-transaction chips. As consumers become increasingly comfortable with making secure transactions using their smart devices, traditional card manufacturers want to extend their offers into contactless wearable products for uses such as payments, ticketing, and access control. These can be difficult to implement within tight size and cost constraints, because conventional separate NFC-radio and security chips demand extra space and complicate design.

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