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TME autoryzowanym dystrybutorem firmy Wima

poniedziałek, 25 czerwca 2007 10:19

Firma TME została autoryzowanym dystrybutorem kondensatorów firmy Wima. Producent ten specjalizuje się w produkcji kondensatorów foliowych z dielektrykiem z tworzywa sztucznego, kondensatorów z dielektrykiem papierowym oraz kondensatorów specjalnego przeznaczenia.



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World News 24h

sobota, 24 czerwca 2017 11:54

Commenting on its relationship with China-based LeEco, Compal Electronics president Ray Chen has said the company will complete an evaluation of LeEco at the end of June and will compose a new strategy to handle its uncollected debts, including a possibility of suing the China-based player. Compal’s plan of investing in LeEco’s subsidiary has also been temporarily halted and Chen noted that whether the plan will continue will depend on LeEco paying back debts. LeEco had some financial issues in 2016 and was unable to make payments to its major upstream partner Compal.

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