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Adlink przejął Penta

wtorek, 06 maja 2014 07:50

Spółka Adlink Technology kupiła niemiecką firmę Penta. Przedsiębiorstwo to produkuje komputery przemysłowe oraz monitory, głównie dla branży medycznej, przemysłu i logistyki. Wartość tej transakcji to ponad 5 mln euro.



World News 24h

piątek, 20 października 2017 10:04

Professor Martijn Kemerink of Linköping University has worked with colleagues in Spain and the Netherlands to develop the first material with conductivity properties that can be switched on and off using ferroelectric polarisation. The phenomenon can be used for small and flexible digital memories of the future, and for completely new types of solar cells. In an article published in the prestigious scientific journal Science Advances, the research group shows the phenomenon in action in three specially built molecules, and proposes a model for how it works. “I originally had the idea many years ago, and then I just happened to meet Professor David González-Rodríguez, from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, who had constructed a molecule of exactly the type we were looking for,” says Martijn Kemerink.

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