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Microdis dystrybutorem Catalyst Semi

wtorek, 01 kwietnia 2008 09:32

Microdis Electronics podpisał umowę dystrybucyjną z firma Catalyst Semiconductor na teren Europy Wschodniej. Oferta producenta obejmuje pamięci EEPROM, Flash i NV RAM, całą gamę układów zasilania, tj. regulatory napięcia, regulatory DC/DC, sterowniki diod LED, jak również potencjometry cyfrowe, monitory napięć i układy ekspanderów wejścia/wyjścia.


World News 24h

sobota, 21 października 2017 08:07

As the values for some major cryptocurrencies continue rising and prolonging related graphics card demand, graphics card vendors, including Asustek Computer who was originally conservative about the mining trend, have been expanding their orders for Nvidia and AMD GPUs, according to sources from the upstream supply chain. Gigabyte Technology and MSI, TUL, Colorful and Galaxy Microsystems have all been aggressive about the cryptocurrency opportunity since the mining trend emerged, and they have seen dramatic growths in related businesses. Asustek only started to see benefits from the segmnet in the third quarter. Because of the quickly subsided cryptocurrency mining hype in 2013, some graphics card players were originally conservative about the development in 2017.

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