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Online: 1724 Sobota, 2017.02.25


TME dystrybutorem firmy AIMTEC

czwartek, 27 sierpnia 2015 08:01

Firma TME została autoryzowanym dystrybutorem firmy AIMTEC - kanadyjskiego producenta urządzeń zasilających. Oferta firmy AIMTEC obejmuje przetwornice DC/DC, zasilacze AC/DC oraz drivery LED AC/DC i DC/DC.


World News 24h

sobota, 25 lutego 2017 11:57

LG Electronics will re-enter the low-cost smartphone segment in India by July-August as it aims to get more market share by volume in India, about 70 per cent of which is made up of phones in the sub-Rs 10,000 categories. The company will introduce more India-specific products from now on rather than replicating globally successful models in the country.

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