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National Instruments - nowy adres

wtorek, 29 lipca 2008 01:00
Od 14 lipca 2008 roku biuro firmy National Instruments Poland funkcjonuje pod nowym adresem w budynku Salzburg Center przy ulicy Grójeckiej 5 w Warszawie. Nowy telefon do biura to 022 328 90 10, a faks 022 331 96 40.

World News 24h

niedziela, 23 lipca 2017 19:58

With an order back-log of 27 EUV machines valued at $2.8 billion, ASML is looking at a 25% jump in sales this year. “This is driven by sales to memory customers, expected to grow about 50% from last year especially driven by DRAM, and sales to logic customers that are expected to grow about 15%,” says ASML CEO Peter Wennink. "Q2 sales were €2.10 billion with a gross margin of 45%. ASML expects Q3 2017 sales of around €2.2 billion and a gross margin of around 43%."

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