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Technokabel aktualizuje cennik

poniedziałek, 06 kwietnia 2009 07:00

Firma poinformowała o zmianach w cenniku, które weszły w życie z końcem marca. Nowy cennik jest dostępny na stronie internetowej firmy.



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World News 24h

czwartek, 27 kwietnia 2017 20:00

TSMC co-chief executive officers Mark Liu and C.C. Wei have been enlisted as candidates for the company's board of directors. Chairman Morris Chang previously told the local media that the two executives would be his successors. Their entry will bring the number of directors to 10. Their seats are scheduled to be confirmed at a June 8 directors meeting. Analysts see this move as a way for Wei and Liu to learn the decision-making procedures of the firm's board as part of Chang's plan to train them as his successors.

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