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Nowy adres oddziału Elhurt w Katowicach

piątek, 17 kwietnia 2009 07:20

Od 27 lutego 2009 uległ zmianie adres oddziału firmy Elhurt w Katowicach. Nowy adres to: Al. Korfantego 125A, 40-156 Katowice, tel. +48 32 354 05 40, fax  +48 32 354 05 41



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World News 24h

piątek, 23 czerwca 2017 20:06

Foxconn is set to cease its manufacturing activities in Brazil, according to sources close to the Taiwanese company. The company's staff have been working on shutting down the facility located in Jundiaí, a city in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo, and assisting on the deactivation and sale of machinery, according to Brazilian business magazine IstoÉDinheiro. Foxconn had a second facility in the same business park, which is already empty. The idea is to only keep a limited local set-up intended for parts replacement and maintenance, according to the article.

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