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Nowy adres oddziału Elhurt w Katowicach

piątek, 17 kwietnia 2009 07:20

Od 27 lutego 2009 uległ zmianie adres oddziału firmy Elhurt w Katowicach. Nowy adres to: Al. Korfantego 125A, 40-156 Katowice, tel. +48 32 354 05 40, fax  +48 32 354 05 41


World News 24h

wtorek, 21 lutego 2017 07:59

Semiconductor-grade silicon wafer prices on a per-square inch basis, which reached an 11-year low of US$0.67, are set to rise in 2017 thanks to the already low point last year and a ramp-up of demand coming mainly from China-based foundries, according to Doris Hsu, chairman and CEO for GlobalWafers. Hsu expects wafer supply to fall short of demand by 3-5% in 2017, and the gap will expand to 7-8% in 2018.

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