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Zawieszone wydawanie Radioelektronika

piątek, 03 lipca 2009 11:50

Wydawca popularnego magazynu dla elektroników „Radioelektronik” poinformował o zawieszeniu wydawania tytułu z przyczyn ekonomicznych i rozpoczął zwracanie pieniędzy prenumeratorom. Ostatnim wydanym numerem jest 06/2009.


World News 24h

czwartek, 17 sierpnia 2017 19:59

A startup backed by Tony Fadell, one of the fathers of the Apple iPod, plans to announce it is working with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Foxconn and others on a new way for mobile phones to transfer large amounts of data without using wires or WiFi connections. Chief Executive Eric Almgren said his Campbell, Calif.-based company called Keyssa has raised more than $100 million from Fadell and the venture arms of Samsung and Intel Corp, among others. The company’s “kiss” technology allows two computing devices to be held near each other and transfer large files such as movies in just a few seconds.

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