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Łukasz Kaczmarski odchodzi z TI

środa, 07 października 2009 11:22

Łukasz Kaczmarski, Country Manager w Texas Instruments, kończy swoją pracę w polskim oddziale firmy z końcem 2009 roku.


World News 24h

poniedziałek, 20 listopada 2017 18:02

Samsung Electronics promoted 221 executives on November 16. The number is the largest since 2014, when 227 were promoted. The large-scale reshuffle implies a change of generation. Earlier, Samsung Electronics replaced many of its older presidents with those in their 50s. The 221 executives including seven females are divided into 27 vice presidents, 60 senior managing directors, 118 managing directors, one fellow, and 15 masters. No less than 99 got a promotion in the Device Solutions Division alone. The division recently posted an all-time high profit. This year, Samsung Electronics boosted the number of new vice presidents so that its pool of CEO candidates can be expanded.

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