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TT Electronics has introduced SMD power inductors for use in high power density applications where size is critical. The low-profile devices are suitable for use in DC-DC converters using high switching frequencies up to 3MHz as well as EMI and low pass DC filters. Applications in the transportation field include powertrain, engine control, transmission control, LED driver, ABS braking systems, EPS, radar systems, and camera control systems. In the industrial sector they are suirable for use in automation systems as well as DC-DC converters. The HA66 series is a low profile, low loss, ferrite-based inductor designed with a wide range of inductances and package sizes. The series comprises a range of 38 inductors with inductance ratings from 2.5 to 220µH, DC resistances from 0.018 to 0.820Ω and Irms values from 1.22 to 11.2A.

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