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Nowy adres oddziału Elhurt w Katowicach

piątek, 17 kwietnia 2009 07:20

Od 27 lutego 2009 uległ zmianie adres oddziału firmy Elhurt w Katowicach. Nowy adres to: Al. Korfantego 125A, 40-156 Katowice, tel. +48 32 354 05 40, fax  +48 32 354 05 41


World News 24h

czwartek, 14 grudnia 2017 20:00

GlobalFoundries unveiled details of its 7nm process which promises a significant increase in density, performance and efficiency in comparison to the 14nm technology used to manufacture AMD processors, IBM Power server chips and other products. GlobalFoundries will start 7nm production using current lithography tools, though it plans to quickly move to next-generation EUV lithography to cut costs. Based on GlobalFoundries latest generation of 3D or FinFET transistors, the 7LP process has a fin pitch of 30nm, gate pitch of 56nm and a minimum metal pitch of 40nm - all of which are "significantly scaled from 14nm." GlobalFoundries said it tuned the fin shape and profile for best performance, but did not provide measurements for the width or height of the fins.

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