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Zawieszone wydawanie Radioelektronika

piątek, 03 lipca 2009 11:50

Wydawca popularnego magazynu dla elektroników „Radioelektronik” poinformował o zawieszeniu wydawania tytułu z przyczyn ekonomicznych i rozpoczął zwracanie pieniędzy prenumeratorom. Ostatnim wydanym numerem jest 06/2009.


World News 24h

środa, 23 maja 2018 20:01

Nokia-branded devices were on a steady decline for years as Microsoft's Windows Phone platform crashed and burned. For a while, it looked like there may never be another Nokia smartphone, but then HMD stepped in last year to create new devices running Android under the Nokia brand. There will be a lot more of those phones in 2018 thanks to HMD's new round of funding. The company announced that it secured $100 million in funding from multiple investors. This pushes HMD's value to more than $1 billion, which isn't bad when you consider this is only its second year of existence. It says this investment will help it add new phones to its lineup throughout 2018. HMD needs the cash because it's not actually making money yet.

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