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Firma CSI przeprowadziła się do nowej siedziby

wtorek, 15 kwietnia 2014 10:44

Computer Systems for Industry - krakowski dostawca komputerów, pamięci i systemów automatyki przemysłowej - przeprowadził się do nowej siedziby przy ul. Sosnowieckiej 89 w Krakowie. Telefony centrali oraz adresy internetowe pozostają bez zmian.



World News 24h

piątek, 19 stycznia 2018 20:04

Qualcomm’s bid for NXP has been approved by Korea and the EU. The acquisition has now received 8 of the 9 approvals around the world, with China remaining. Qualcomm cooperated with the Commission and the KFTC and agreed to all conditions required by the agencies to obtain their authorization. Qualcomm committed to exclude certain NFC patents from the proposed transaction and ensure that NXP licenses those patents to third parties. Qualcomm also committed not to assert the NFC patents it will acquire from NXP and maintain interoperability between Qualcomm’s baseband chipsets and NXP’s NFC chips and rivals baseband chipsets and NFC chips. Qualcomm also will continue to offer a license to MIFARE on terms commensurate with those offered by NXP today.

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