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Semicon dystrybutorem Brighteka

środa, 13 lutego 2013 11:03

Firma Semicon podpisała umowę dystrybucyjną z producentem diod LED - tajwańską firmą Brightek Optoelectronics. Firma Brightek jest obecna na rynku od 2001 roku i ma w swojej ofercie szeroką gamę diod: LED, SMD, diody LED dużej mocy, diody RGB, matryce LED.



World News 24h

poniedziałek, 25 czerwca 2018 14:00

Japan’s Toshiba Corp said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had completed an investigation of its past accounting practices without fining the company. “We understand that all SEC investigations regarding our accounting have been completed,” a spokesman told Reuters, adding that there was no penalty or censure. A phone call to the SEC was connected to an answering machine after business hours in the United States, and an email asking for comment did not receive an immediate reply. Toshiba’s 2015 accounting scandal uncovered widespread accounting errors at the laptops-to-nuclear conglomerate going back to around 2008.

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