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Zmiana siedziby Maritex

poniedziałek, 06 kwietnia 2009 09:04

W lutym firma Maritex przeniosła siedzibę do nowego budynku biurowo-handlowego znajdującego się w Gdyni przy ulicy Rdestowej 53d. Numery telefonów oraz faksu pozostały bez zmian.


World News 24h

środa, 22 listopada 2017 20:01

Toshiba appears closer to solving the dispute with U.S. partner Western Digital over the planned sale of the Japanese company's memory chip unit by the end of this month. "We are definitely advancing step by step" toward a resolution, said a Toshiba executive who traveled to the U.S. last week to discuss terms. The two companies have been negotiating since October. But both sides continue haggling, and the jury remains out on whether a truce will result. Western Digital has sought international arbitration to try to block the unit's sale, claiming the deal violates its joint venture contract with Toshiba. The U.S. hard-drive maker, which seeks a stake in Toshiba Memory, also is using the arbitration process as a bargaining chip to draw concessions from the Japanese technology group.

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