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TME dystrybutorem firmy Brainboxes

środa, 25 maja 2016 07:53

Firma Transfer Multisort Elektronik została oficjalnym dystrybutorem firmy Brainboxes - producenta modułowych interfejsów przemysłowych i konwerterów protokołów. Produkty te kierowane są do głównie do aplikacji przemysłowych, ale także do desktopowych i laboratoryjnych systemów pomiarowych.


World News 24h

poniedziałek, 23 kwietnia 2018 20:09

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi is likely to launch its Mi7 flagship smartphone with 3D sensing technology in Q3 2018. Apple has enjoyed a monopoly in 3D face sensing technology until now and it may continue to do so until the next range of flagship phones with 3D facial sensing tech comes from different companies. But Xiaomi may have stolen a march over its competitors in this area. Xiaomi can move ahead of its competitors - Samsung, Huawei etc - in 3D facial recognition faster because it incorporates Qualcomm’s designs and technology in their phones to get the feature. On the other hand, Samsung and Huawei are opting for their in-house technology and methods to get the feature in their upcoming phones and that’s the reason why they will take a lot of time to achieve the same.

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