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Gamma partnerem Mentor Graphics

środa, 03 lutego 2010 09:45

Gamma została oficjalnym partnerem firmy Mentor Graphics, uzupełniając tym samym swoją ofertę o pakiet oprogramowania PADS do projektowania płytek drukowanych.


World News 24h

niedziela, 17 grudnia 2017 19:56

Technological innovations hs been changing the PV industry, resulting in inevitable consolidation that will see 50% of its supply chain makers globally forced out of market in five years, according to Li Zhengquo, president for the largest China-based solar-grade mono-Si supplier LONGi Green Energy Technology (formerly Xi'an LONGi Silicon Materials). Technological innovation has negatively impacted PV makers with relatively old production equipment, Li said. For example, polysilicon equipment with annual production capacity of 10,000 tons entailed investment of CNY10 billion in 2006-2007, but now such equipment with the same capacity costs only CNY1 billion. Therefore existing makers with old equipment are under strong challenges from newcomers, Li noted.

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