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Więcej aparatury pomiarowej u Farnella

czwartek, 18 maja 2017 07:54

Farnell element14 wprowadza do oferty aparaturę pomiarową Rohde & Schwarz, w tym sprzęt marki Hameg Instruments, która od dwóch lat należy do R&S. Są to między innymi oscyloskopy RTB2000 z 10-calowym ekranem dotykowym (na zdjęciu), analizatory widma z rodzin FPC, FPH, FSC, generatory SMC i inne.



World News 24h

poniedziałek, 25 czerwca 2018 16:02

Samsung, Hynix and Micron could be fined up to $8 billion by the Anti-Monopoly Bureau of China’s Ministry of Commerce, reports Digitimes. Under China’s antitrust law, the three DRAM companies could be fined a collective $800 million to $8 billion for price fixing. DRAM prices have been on the rise for 18 months. China has suffered from the rise because its OEMs become less competitive as DRAM prices increase. China is in a dilemma because it has DRAM plants of it own coming on-stream either late this year or early next. High prices would allow China’s DRAM manufacturers to recoup some of their investment, however, a successful price-fixing case would very likely depress DRAM prices.

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